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Euthia: Torment of Resurrection & Fierce Powers by Diea Games Diea Games
Euthia: Torment of Resurrection is an open-world sandbox RPG strategy for 1-4 players. Embark on an epic adventure through one of the infinitely replayable scenarios. Fight monsters, liberate settlements, gather resources, level up and gain powerful abilities. Become a legend!

Project story

1 - 4
Play time
3 h
14 +
The RPG hit from 2021 is back! In the upcoming Gamefound campaign, you can get a copy of the second printing of Euthia: Torment of Resurrection including all previously released content as well as the new expansion, Fierce Powers, and other items based on the community feedback, such as dual-layer player boards, card organizers, or the Crawling Shadows expansion.
Euthia: Torment of Resurrection is an open-world sandbox RPG strategy for 1-4 players that can be played competitively, cooperatively, or solo. Choose one of the 6 heroes with different play styles and unique ability trees and embark on a wide range of epic fantasy adventures through infinitely replayable scenarios. Wander through an expanding open world generated by modular map tiles that will be different every time you play. Discover areas where you can fight monsters, gather resources, trade with merchants, pursue side quests, and confront elemental powers. Your actions grant you reputation and wealth so you can develop your hero by unlocking new abilities and customizing your equipment.
In the Fierce Powers expansion, you will confront dark forces tormenting the land in new scenarios with unique mechanics to exploit and challenges to overcome. A new hero, Eltrea, joins the battle accompanied by loyal familiars that she controls by using her powers. The expansion further enhances the variety and gameplay options of the core game with extra monsters, more modular map tiles, an additional type of elementals, and new abilities for each of the 6 existing heroes.

The Crawling Shadows expansion introduces unique challenges for the solo and cooperative gameplay modes. Engage in a 3-scenario-long struggle against the rising power of a necromancer automa (Necroma). Venture on an epic dungeon quest scenario with multiple questlines to follow and final bosses to fight! This expansion will also introduce new cooperative mechanics with events that can be used in all existing scenarios.


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Gameplay Addons

Expand your gameplay options with additional content from new Crawling Shadows expansion or the Elemental expansion.


Minimize the setup time and significantly reduce the necessary table space with the help of the Card Organizer Set and the Component Organizer Set that will also keep your components snug and safe while storing the game.

Deluxe Components

Boost the level of immersion with deluxe game components such as large detailed miniatures, dual-layer hero boards, dice trays, or metal coins!

Miniature Upgrades

Bring your Core Game and/or FIerce Powers miniatures to another level with either Blackwash or SUNDROP!

Please note that you have to choose an addon corresponding to your pledge level. If you are getting Returning Backers Bundle, select the Fierce Powers option with either Blackwash (this is the same finish as in the original Kickstarter) or SUNDROP.

Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)

Euthia: Torment of Resurrection Content

Fierce Powers Content

Crawling Shadows Content

What's Inside

Gameplay Highlights

Choose Your Character
In Euthia: Torment of Resurrection, you will take the role of one of the 6 heroes with different playstyles and unique abilities. Each hero comes with an asymmetric player board with multiple slots for abilities, weapons, and equipment that you can unlock. During the game, you will be able to specialize by acquiring branching abilities and/or weapons that are specific to your hero. Will you be a sneaky thief? An intimidating warrior? Will your mage pursue offensive magic or learn spells that will give them more utility? The open playstyle allows every hero to pursue plenty of different paths, so the choice is yours.

Select a Scenario
Embark on a wide range of epic fantasy adventures through infinitely replayable scenarios. Each scenario complements the core game mechanics by adding unique objectives and thematic challenges into the game. They provide a complete journey from the beginning to the end, which means that you don't have to play them in any given order, and you can just select the kind of experience you'd like to get. Do you want to release a Crystal Golem from the torments of dark magic? Or perhaps defend the settlements against the enraged dragon Farruga? What about just going on a short hunt to clear the neighboring area of pesky monsters? Or maybe… just today… you'll go on the most epic of journeys, venturing to the farthest corners of the land, on a hunt of ancient relics that will help you banish the power-hungry dragon Brasath?

Thanks to the modular nature of the core gameplay mechanics, even if you play the same scenario several times in a row, even as the same hero, the elements of the playthrough will change to such an extent that the scenario will feel fresh and exciting every single time.

Explore Open World
Wander through an expanding open world generated by modular map tiles that will be different every time you play. The game starts on just a single map tile, but will grow every time you reach a border. Discover areas where you can fight monsters, gather resources, trade with merchants, pursue side quests, and confront elemental powers. The sandbox style of the game allows you to pursue and specialize in whatever you feel like without limiting your options in any way. Euthia: Torment of Resurrection will let you create your own story while the mechanics and scenarios will be your ink and paper. Ultimately, it is you who decide what will be written on the pages.

Optimize Your Actions
On each turn, you can use your hero's action tokens to perform different actions. There are three tokens and each one can be used either for their main action — combat, mining, or trade — or for movement. The core of the strategic gameplay lies in deciding which tokens you will spend for movement and what you will try to accomplish with the rest of your actions. You can also choose to spend only two tokens during your turn, in which case you will have up to four actions available for the next turn.

Fight against Enemies
During your journey, you will eventually have to face dangerous enemies. The combat is fierce, and will require careful planning or your hero will, instead of enjoying the spoils of battle, wake up resurrected by the local priest. While the game uses dice for combat resolution, there are multiple ways to mitigate luck, ranging from utilizing your hero's equipment and abilities, taking advantage of elemental essences, increasing your powers with potions, or even breaking magical Gaar stones that grant you rerolls as well as a boost to your dice value. The timing is key, since using all your powers in one attack will make you weak for the rest of the fight.
In the competitive game mode, the monsters you will fight will be controlled by other players who will make it more challenging by using combat cards to enhance your enemy’s attack. In the cooperative and solo modes, the monster’s behavior is controlled by a system of cards.

Level Up
Every game of Euthia: Torment of Resurrection will play differently not only because of the random selection of map tiles you will encounter and the variety created by their placement, but also because you will meet NPCs with different quests on your journey. On top of that, the merchants in the game will have different items in the store for your hero to utilize, which may in turn change the way you'll decide to level up the abilities of your hero and thus also the overall character build that you will create.

Win the Game
The game is played for the number of rounds specified in each scenario. During this time, you will try to earn the most reputation points for actions such as fighting monsters, liberating places of trade, mining, or helping out friendly NPCs. On top of that, most scenarios also have specific goals that you have to achieve to win.

Solo and Cooperative Modes
Besides the competitive mode, Euthia: Torment of Resurrection and all its existing scenarios from the Core Game and the Elemental expansion can be played solo or cooperatively. On top of that, the new Crawling Shadows expansion has been developed specifically to add even more content and gameplay mechanics for the solo and cooperative gameplay modes.

Fierce Powers Highligts

In the Fierce Powers expansion, you will confront dark forces tormenting the land in new scenarios with unique mechanics. This expansion brings plenty of new gameplay content, but it also further enhances the variety and options of the Core Game and all previously released scenarios. Mix the components with the base game and you are ready to play!

Gameplay Highlights

New Modular Map Tiles, including an alternate set of 15 Fixed Map Tiles that can be swapped with the tiles from the core game. This will bring a completely new feeling into your playthroughs and unlock the majority of the expansion content even for the scenarios from the core game. Face Corrupted Elementals with malicious abilities and get a new type of essences as a reward. Find New Encounters that provide even more variety to the NPCs you can meet and the quest they will offer you during the game. Gain new rewards for fighting monsters. Visit already liberated places of trade where you can freely level up and trade without the need to fight first.
New abilities for each of the 6 existing heroes for even more possible combinations of skills that you can create while playing each hero. These abilities can be acquired during the early game and even include 2 starting abilities for each hero to choose from. Start working on your unique build with a wide variety of skills right from the beginning of the game!
New hero, Eltrea, joins the adventure! Her abilities are centered around controlling her familiars that help her on the journey. This way she can muster the help of Will o' Wisp, Hawk, Wolf, Ent, or Dryad, each with unique abilities that vary also based on the chosen aspect of each familiar. Eltrea uses a side board where you keep track of the familiar that is currently active, its aspect and abilities, and a list of familiars which she is powerful enough to summon. Her familiars can either stay by her side and help during combat, or they can wander away into the world to perform various tasks.
4+ new scenarios with completely unique gameplay mechanics thematically interwoven into them. Hunt a vicious hydra that has awakened from a deep slumber only to devour everything in its sight. Undergo a series of trials while searching for a way to lift a horrid curse that has shrouded the land in an impenetrable fog. Travel to highly unstable arcane dimensions and uncover their dark secrets before they collapse. And finally, fight against Adraghor the Soul Reaper, a gruesome necromancer who, driven by insatiable thirst for power, corrupts the lands of Euthia using his unholy magic.

Crawling Shadows Highlights

The Crawling Shadows expansion introduces unique challenges for the solo and cooperative gameplay modes. It was developed based on the feedback and suggestions we have received from our community.

Gameplay Highlights

Necroma AI with 3 dedicated scenarios that you can play one after another as a developing story. In these scenarios, you, either alone or as a team, will compete against a necromancer that will be on the map with you and act as another player. The abilities of the necromancer will grow between the scenarios that will eventually culminate to a final boss fight.

Dungeon Quest epic scenario with 4 different sets of questlines to play through. During the setup, you will pick one of the questlines, and your goal will be to move through the quests in order to find and defeat one of the 4 epic monsters (depending on the set up). Each questline will be based on distinct challenges that will offer a completely different feel during the game.

Rituals module with new map tiles where you can spend coins, and the Silver and Gold Cards you earn during the game. In return for performing a ritual, you will be rewarded with precious items, teleport to nearby locations, or heal.

Hardcore Combat Die that spices up the combat difficulty. The rules for using the die are designed in such a way that the AI of the solo/cooperative combat replicates choices an experienced player would make when fighting against you.

Advanced Cooperative Ruleset and Events that can be used with all existing and new scenarios. This module adds random events to the game, which will require tight cooperation among the players in order to overcome them. To help with this, you will be required to plan your moves as a team, trade items, and even fight monsters together. All scenarios will also have clear goals that you must, as a team, achieve to win.


Playthroughs & How to Play


Euthia: Torment of Resurrection, all expansions, and all language-dependent addons will be printed in English, French, German, Polish, Spanish, and Czech. You can select the language version of the items you'd like to get as soon as you pledge.

You will receive all corresponding components in the language that you choose, including Cards, Tiles, Hero Boards, Rulebooks, Appendix, and other Booklets.

Fan-Made Translations

Apart from that, there are fan-made translations to Greek, Hungarian, Russian, and Italian available for download as PDF files. Please note that the fan-made tranlations are made by members of the Euthia community and may not cover all components of all expansions.

Are you interested in translating Euthia? Get in touch with us at info@dieagames.com.

Digital Content

We have released a lot of freely available digital content you can enjoy! Just take a look:

  • All official and fan-made translations
  • Miniature STL files (Fierce Powers STL files for miniatures will be made available later on)
  • Metal Coins STL files
  • Elemental expansion scenarios Print-to-Play files
  • Cardboard Storage Towers and the Instruction Manual (from the Component Organizer Set addon)
  • Euthia wallpapers
  • Thematic avatars
Tabletop Simulator and Tabletopia

Would you like to try playing the game in a digital environment? Then check out the official mods for both Tabletop Simulator and Tabletopia.

If you have Tabletop Simulator, you can try the official mod created and maintained by one of our amazing community members, Adam Olejarczyk. It contains all 8 scenarios from the core game and has an automated setup for all player counts. The mod has been scripted to minimize some of the upkeep during the game.
Do you prefer Tabletopia? Three scenarios from the core game are waiting for you there: The Hunt, Defending the Settlements, and The Banishing of Brasath. These also have an automated setup for all player counts.
Euthia Companion App

We have developed an optional app that helps with combat management while playing the solo or cooperative modes of the game. This app is entirely optional and you don't have to use it.

Art Gallery

Shipping & VAT

Retail Distribution

At this point, we do not plan to release the game into worldwide retail distribution. If you are a retailer and would like to contact us, please send us an email at info@dieagames.com.


Euthia Community


Risks and challenges

Ever since we founded DIEA Games in 2016, the cornerstone of our company has been built on the relationship with our community, which is why we place a lot of importance on trust and communication. This is already our third crowdfunding campaign. The previous two taught us a lot, especially the most recent one on Kickstarter which we launched right when the COVID-19 pandemic broke out and the global shipping crisis followed. Despite all that, with the incredible support of our community and dedication of our team, we managed to successfully fulfil all the pledges and deliver the games to our backers. Thanks to this experience, we are confident that no matter what obstacles may come, we will rise to the challenge. Not only are we committed to delivering a beautiful and fun game but also to providing outstanding customer service based on consistent communication as we did in our previous Kickstarter project. 

If you choose to back us, you will get a world-class product in return. Moreover, we will keep you posted on its progress and everything you can look forward to. Please keep in mind that the design of some components may vary slightly in the final version and that delays may occur, but if that happens, we will always keep you up to date with all the new developments.

If there is anything we can help you with, you can reach us at info@dieagames.com.

Refunds and cancellation

Over the course of the campaign, you can modify or cancel your pledge without any restrictions. Gamefound only collects your payment at the end of the campaign, provided the campaign has been successfully funded.

If you decide to cancel your pledge after the end of the campaign, you must contact us at support@dieagames.com to request a refund. Since Gamefound charges a 9% fee of the collected funds, we can only refund 91% of the total amount you have pledged.

Once the fulfillment process starts, refunds will no longer be available.

The refunds are issued in € by default.