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White Hat by Dragon Dawn Productions Dragon Dawn Productions
White Hat is an enhanced version of our earlier ‘Black Hat’ trick-taking game. Much like its predecessor, White Hat offers competitive multiplayer hacker-themed fun for up to 6 players, but also adds in a dedicated solo mode which turns the game into a head-scratching puzzle solver. This means that all the hats are in play and the soloist has full responsibility for the optimal progress of them all. White Hat also brings all the Kickstarter extras and improvements based on player feedback of Black Hat into a standard DDP small box format. In plain English, that's maximal variety and enjoyment for both lone wolves and player groups of all experience levels alike in a very shelf- and backpack-friendly space. N01c3! ;)

Project story

1 - 6
Play time
30 min
9 +
Winter is fast approaching and so is the time for wearing hats… but no hats are like those worn by those who morally pit their wits against the Cyber security of digital systems and sensitive data. White Hat is a challenging hacker-based board game, drawing upon an exciting adaptation of the trick-taking mechanic for the right to progress through cyberspace. As they attempt to prove their worth as a hacker, players compete against each other as they negotiate their personal “hat” through the cyber world of FBI servers, internet cafes, and digital tracers on their way to the game objective, the Critical Asset.

White Hat is a trick-taking game with a neat twist: when winning a trick, you advance one of your pawns to a new space through the arrows on the game board, jumping over any spaces that are already occupied. Some spaces allow you to perform an action, while each space is marked with scoring value, and at the end of each round players add up the values of the spaces with their pawn to their score. Unlike in most other trick-taking games, sometimes it’s better to avoid winning a trick if it would make your pawn advance to high-value space, as at the end of the game, the player who collected the least amount of points will win the game.

White Hat is a refreshed version of our earlier ‘Black Hat’ game, intended for 1-6 players. White Hat offers a dedicated solo variant that not only draws upon much of the multiplayer game but also pits the player against the game itself. This is a serious head-scratching puzzle solver, as all hats are in play and the soloist has full responsibility for their progress. White Hat brings all the Kickstarter extras and player feedback of Black Hat in a smaller format for easy portability.

White Hat gaming components are language-independent. The rulebook will be printed at least in English and German, the campaign may unlock more localized versions. We intend to make only one variant of the game, so every box of White Hat will get all the stretch goals and goodies unlocked. 

A dual-sided gameboard, along with alternate location tiles, means there is a vast variety of potential setups, keeping the game fresh and keeping the players on their toes. White Hat is well tested - you'll find several full 'how-to' videos, finalized rulebook (see links above) to allow you to learn the game in full. There is also a free Tabletopia version available in a moment.


Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)




As we are all living in the midst of the uncertainty of COVID, which has caused quite a lot of havoc to international shipping and logistics, we will collect all shipping costs through the pledge manager once the actual costs are fully known. Tracking is an additional €3, except in the USA where it is automatically applied. The costs indicated above are our current best estimates. We aim to keep shipping costs to a minimum for you and the cost you pay is actually what we pay for it. Shipping is not and has never been, intended to be part of our profit.
We have existing shipping centers in Germany and the USA and these two will most likely be serving the whole world, but the exact shipping plan will need to be determined when we see what is actually possible. We are, at the end of the day, realists and we want to be as honest with you as possible to avoid disappointment. The world is changing rapidly and if previous crowdfunding campaigns have taught us anything, it is that shipping costs have become one of the harder aspects to accurately predict due to changing situation in the global world. Bear with us, we will do our best to provide White Hat for you in a timely fashion with minimal shipping costs.

Risks and challenges

While nothing in life is without risk, this is neither our first game nor our first crowdfunding campaign, albeit it is our first using Gamefound as a platform. As we have managed with more archaic platforms, we are confident in our ability to make a good job of it with the new and shiny Gamefound, too. We have managed to keep to our production estimates reasonably well despite major changes in the business environment, such as the US-China trade war, COVID-19 outbreak and other such world-changing events. We’ve been here before with many different products, we know what can be achieved and we are prepared for most hiccups in the process. We are committed to making sure that all of our backers receive their copies before the game reaches retail stores, and October 2022 is written in stone as the final deadline for availability. For a little breathing room, we’ve added an extra month to the production schedule to accommodate any unexpected delays, so there is a chance that deliveries will, in fact, be earlier than announced. We know that this is of utmost importance to our backers and we’d rather deliver early than late! Our team has earned a good reputation for being responsive and we plan to keep that reputation intact. We are also aiming for total transparency during the production process. We intend to provide regular updates throughout the production process on tasks as they progress, including any delays or roadblocks that might come up.

Refunds and cancellation

If you need us, please contact us via our general service email (info (at symbol) ddpgames.com) or using Discord.

By pledging to this campaign you agree to the following terms and conditions:

If for any reason, you find that after the projects funding period has ended, you need to cancel, we will work with you to best make that happen. Email our CS for help (info (at symbol) ddpgames.com). If you cancel within 30 days of the end of the project, we are able to do a complete refund via the payments system (including fees!) After 30 days for an additional month, we are able to do a 90% refund (less funding and CC processing fees) via PayPal. For a refund request after 60 days, we ask you to email us at info (at) ddpgames.com and we will try to work with you for a partial refund if possible. Refunds after 90 Days are not possible as funds will be used to start printing at this point.

If for any reason you feel you have a missing item or damaged item, please email us again at info (at) ddpgames.com with photos of the damage, your backer number, backer name, and complete address and we will work to replace the missing or damaged items ASAP. Kindly, do not post in the comments, or other forums as we may miss them or be delayed in replying. We will have to remind you that missing items or damages are to be checked within 90 days from the time your pledge has been shipped from the fulfillment center.