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Wild Realms by Daywalker Syndicate Daywalker Syndicate
Humanity is forgotten. Now is the Age of Animals. In this set collection game, rally your animal allies and discover the Four Realms. Utilize 5 animal classes to secure your lands, as you race to build your animal kingdom—but BEWARE! Legendary beasts may suddenly be unleashed to devastating effect!

Project story

2 - 4
Play time
60 min
12 +
set collection


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How to Play

What’s in the Box

Previews, Reviews, & Play Throughs

Board Game Geek - In Focus

Dice Tower - Preview

Bryce and Alison - Better Half Reviews

Nick and Mandy - @HappyMeeples
  "Combined with the gorgeous artwork of Jeremy Gulotta, Wild Realms is a competitive card game with a very thematic focus on animals from around the world."

Elena - Geek and Pink
 "I am seriously obsessed with the artwork!"

Mateo F. - Play Tester
 "I love the game! It's easy to learn, the art is amazing, unique animals with awesome abilities ... Epicness of Epicness!"

Mark M. - Play Tester
 "World class game, wildly fun, instant favorite!"

Chad W. - Play Tester
 "A challenging and fun game of strategy the made me want to play another round." 

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Refunds and cancellation

During the crowdfunding campaign, you can freely modify or cancel any part of your order. Gamefound only collects your payment at the end of a successfully funded campaign.
After the campaign, we generally cannot offer refunds. But, if you really need one, please contact us and we'll see what options are available. At most, we can return 90% of your pledge, as 10% will go to covering administrative and payment processing costs.
Once the game is delivered, if any components are missing or damaged in the copy you receive, we'll gladly send you replacements.

Risks and challenges

With this being our first crowd funding campaign, we are working closely with our manufacturer and fulfillment specialists to ensure a seamless delivery to our backers. Still, we understand that unforeseen issues may arise, especially with ongoing COVID-19 complications causing production and shipping delays. Outside of that, if any delays due to manufacturing were to occur we would hope to resolve them quickly and will communicate to our backers so they know where we are with production. We are currently projecting fulfillment to start sometime in late summer of 2022.