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UFO Wave: The Tactical Card Game Of Alien Supremacy by Dave Hodrien Dave Hodrien
A competitive resource gathering card game entirely themed on the UFO subject! Created by a UFO Investigator and with art by an actual UFO witness.

Project overview

In UFO Wave players take on the role of an alien species visiting Earth. You are tasked with performing activities and absorbing energy. Use your advanced powers and craft to get the better of your opponents and avoid groups of interfering humans!

Created by an active UFO Investigator from the UK, and with quirky cartoon artwork by a real UFO witness from the USA, it's the most authentic portrayals of the subject ever released in tabletop game form!

The game features a highly unusual, potentially unique, card mechanic. It has been designed from the ground up to be fun and accessible, and you do not have to have an interest in the UFO subject to enjoy it. However if you do, there's loads you'll be able to relate to.

It's time to release your inner alien and join the UFO Wave!

UFO Wave