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Ancient Blood - The Order of Vampire Hunters by Dark Gate Games Dark Gate Games
Ancient Blood - The Order of Vampire Hunters is a cooperative story-driven game for 1 to 4 players that can be played as solo mode, as standalone games, or as a campaign.

Project story

1 - 4
Play time
24 h
14 +
Ancient Blood - The Order of Vampire Hunters is a cooperative story-driven game for 1 to 4 players that can be played as solo mode, as standalone games, or as a campaign. Choose a story and begin your journey.

Be brave and wise, as every choice you make along your path will impact the game world. The wrong choice could awaken your most hidden fears.
Fight side by side with your fellow hunters like never before using combo attacks, get help from locals using your skills,  find all the clues that will lead you to the master of each Vampires' clan, The Elder Lord.


Each story is based on a multiple-choice structure that helps to build both a meaningful and narrative story and the character development while allowing the player significant control over the story's evolution. This kind of structure allows for great replayability.
Each story can continue in many different ways based on the choices players make along the way as their journey progresses toward the epic finale.
The same multiple-choice structure is also in the Location cards that compose the various Villages Players will find along the way. All the Location cards combined will give the players hundreds of different paths.


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Ancient Blood the Order of Vampire Hunters is a fully cooperative story-driven game. The Players control one or more Vampire Hunters to track down and slay different vampire clans through a series of stories. 
In each story, the Hunters travel through different locations to reach their final objective. During their journey, the Hunter will face situations that require a choice. These choices will lead the Hunters in different directions with different threats to face.
The Hunters will find many different villages on their way. In a village they can find clues, eat and rest, buy or sell Items, cure turned Hunters, and build powerful weapons. 
Some of the locations have events that must be resolved by making a series of choices resulting in different outcomes which can be beneficial or detrimental. 

Each Hunter has his own deck of Special Ability cards, depending on its class. Hunters start the game with 2 of them and they can learn new abilities and get more cards during the game.
To access their powers, Players must combine 2 or more Special Ability cards according to the interlocking symbols.  The Hunters must inject 1 Vial of vampire blood per each special ability he intends to use in a specific action. To inject a Vial of vampire blood, the Player places a Vial token on the ability, then he performs the action. When the action is over, flip the token on his empty side, and place it on the injected Vial location on the Hunter Dashboard.

Be careful, too much vampire blood in your veins may turn you into a Vampire!

Throughout the story, the Hunters will find various parchment cards. They are ancient manuscripts that illustrate how to build powerful weapons. After the Hunters have collected all necessary materials, they will still need the help of a Blacksmith to create the weapons!
Combat is a two-step process where the active character makes an attack and the target defends itself. Both steps involve dice rolls that are added to base bonuses. 

Fast Vampires can be easily killed with fast weapons but Hunters need weapons that deal higher damage to kill tough Vampires. Players need to build their strategy based on the Vampires they are facing and be ready to change it if a different enemy appears. 

In the direst situations Players need to coordinate their moves to use the Combined Attack cards that allow their Hunters to cooperate during the combat to inflict the maximum amount of damage.

Players roll the colored dice as indicated on the weapon and add the symbols rolled to the symbols on the attacker board. Rolling attack dice result in Speed or Hit. For the attack to succeed at all, it must meet the Minimum Attack Speed Required (MASR) on the defender card. If this condition is not satisfied, the Attack fails and the Action is lost. Fast vampires have higher MASR, so Players will need a hunter with a fast weapon.
Tough Vampires are slower, so the MASR is lower, but they have tough armor, so Players will need a Hunter with a weapon dealing higher damage. If the attack meets the MASR value, then the defender rolls his dice and may roll either shields or dodges. The result is added to the symbols on the defender's card.
Speed symbols cancel dodges symbols. Shields and remaining dodges cancel hits. Any remaining hits score wounds.

When Hunters reach the Elder location, they will face the Vampire Clan they have been hunting in the story: the Elder and his 2 vicious adepts. The Elder works differently from the other enemies. On the Elder sheet there are 4 slots for 4 different cards. These 4 cards are his abilities and his life level. Every time the Elder attacks or defends, he uses all the available special abilities. On each card there is an icon which defines the health points of the card. The Total Health points of the Elder are given by the sum of the health points of the 4 cards. To defeat the Elder, the Hunters must destroy each single card. When a card reaches zero heal point is flipped and the ability of that card is no longer available. When all the 4 cards are flipped, the Elder is defeated.

Are you ready for the HUNT?

Rules and Videos

Click on the button below to download the full beta rules:

We know some of you prefer learning from videos rather than rulebooks. Below you will find some that will give you an overview of the game. The first will introduce the game and explain the rules that are common to both sides:

Game Overview (Learn to Play Games)

Playthrough (Learn to Play Games)

Quick How To Play (Dice Tower - Meeple University)

Preview (BoardGameCo)

Detailed Preview (The King of Average)

Prototype Unboxing ( The King of Average)

Presentacion en espanol (Juegos de Mesa)

Bower's Game Corner (Campaign Review)


At Dark Gate Games we love miniatures and we love painted miniatures even more! A crowdfunding campaign is always a good occasion to showcase how cool Ancient Blood miniatures are when painted! As for all our recent projects, we asked our friend Robert "Rogland" Karlsson to paint some of them. He did an incredible job in giving them a very grim, dark vibe and we think he nailed the dark horror theme of Ancient Blood!

Let's take a look at the Hunters!

How about some vampires?

While Rogland worked on the Core Box miniatures, we also worked with Luciano Comparin for The Barkugus expansion. Take a look at his masterful work!
Below you can see an example of the size of some of the Ancient Blood miniatures from the Core Box.

Shipping & Taxes

The table above shows a list of rough estimates for the shipping fees of Ancient Blood. Due to the disruption of the distribution system caused by Covid-19, we cannot have more precise shipping fees and there could be differences between the shipping prices listed here and the ones in the Pledge Manager. We understand that for some backers these prices might appear high, but the current volatile situation (for both ocean freight forwarding and shipping costs from the different warehouses to your door) makes it very expensive to ship anything from China, where the factories are located, to our warehouses in UK, EU, US, Australia, and Asia.

The prices in the table above are based on the estimated weight and volume of a Hunter Pledge including a core box and a Spike and Fangs Box with all many SGs unlocked at the end of the crowdfunding campaign. Keep in mind that adding optional buys or additional pledges will raise the weight of your pledge and may also then raise the final shipping price.

We regret to inform you that we will ship at PO Boxes at your own risk. In case the parcels are stolen/lost, we do not guarantee a replacement, even if we might consider doing so at our sole discretion and on a case-by-case basis. Additionally, we do not guarantee shipment to the following countries: Cuba, Iran, Burma (Myanmar), Sudan, North Korea, Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, and Kazakhstan.

Our Shipping Policy

It’s ultimately your responsibility to respond to our post-campaign survey to claim your rewards and to give us information about your shipping address and add-on choices. If you ignore our last call email for more than 4 weeks we will consider your pledge a donation and we won’t be able to ship you a reward.

If the game fails to arrive because of your mistake (wrong address, recipient absent, failure to pick up at courier/postal warehouse, etc.), any additional shipping/warehousing cost for us to re-send/re-deliver your game will be your responsibility. This also includes the costs associated with returning the game. If after investigation it becomes clear that the error was on our part, we will resend your package at our expense.

If the package is lost or damaged, the carrier will be held solely responsible. Any customer claim to the carrier needs to be made at the time of delivery and not later than 3 working days to us. If the package seems damaged, please ask the postal carrier to provide you with a receipt "accepted with reserve".

Note that we only reship a pledge after an investigation about what went wrong with the first shipment.

If your game arrives with missing or damaged components, provide us with proof (photos of the damaged components and the packaging slip) and we will substitute them once we have verified the damage.

If you live outside of the countries specified as "friendly", customs taxes may be added. Please check your country's rules and regulations as this aspect will not be our responsibility.


Since January 2021 we started to charge VAT in the Pledge Manager according to the strictest interpretation of the new laws on VAT handling in Europe. However, since the US introduced similar rules for their State Sales Tax and we know how contentious charging the VAT in the Pledge Manager is for backers, we decided to try once more to include VAT and US Sales Tax partially in the pledge values and partially in the shipping fees. The table above already reflects our choice of charging taxes. With this solution, we will have "Friendly" shipping to USA, European Union, Canada, Australia, and United Kingdom. Backers from these countries will not pay import taxes or Sales Taxes/VAT.

For all other countries, you will have to pay import fees and/ or additional taxes based on your country's regulations. 

Who we are

Dark Gate Games is a vibrant company, determined to bring many fun and exciting games to your tables.  We are really pleased to bring our fourth game to Gamefound and we have more in the pipeline! Your support has enabled us to grow, in terms of ideas, excitement, and staff. Although the company is based in New Castle, Delaware, we are the epitome of a modern distributed company with collaborators in the US, Canada, Italy, Latvia, Netherlands, Moldova, Poland, China, and beyond.

This is our first crowdfunding campaign on Gamefound. However, it is our sixth crowdfunding project since our first one in 2016. We have plenty of happy backers who still love our very first game The Order of Vampire Hunters and we still receive compliments about the quality of all our games.

We have extensive experience with different Chinese manufacturers and will choose the one that guarantees the best quality for what we believe to be our best game so far. This is guaranteed by working only with some of the top artists in the market, including our core team (who worked on all our past games) and a few experienced professional sculptors who supported our core team in this massive undertaking.

Risks and challenges

Every crowdfunding campaign involves some risks. Our biggest issue has been creating solid deadlines since for some tasks we depend on external freelancers. Most of the miniatures have been already sculpted and, excluding some stretch goals, we should be ready to engage a factory to start working on the miniatures shortly after the end of the campaign. Since Ancient Blood is a story-driven game, the main challenge will be to review, approve, and translate the text for all the printed material.

Our focus is a high-quality result, not the estimated deadlines. There may be minor changes made to the game and its components during the last stages of development. However, we are conscious of the deadlines and we have changed our internal work practices to manage time better. We are further along in the development too. We expect these changes to keep us on track. Note that the components, component counts, quality, and rules, are all work in progress and subject to change.

We expect to deliver Ancient Blood - The Order of Vampire Hunters by the end of the first quarter of 2023 but this is only an estimate. While we are confident that Ancient Blood will be delivered successfully as for all our past games, we are also aware that in the past 2 years the whole logistic chain from manufacturing in China to the last mile delivery across different countries has been severely disrupted by the Covid pandemic and energy shortages. These disruptions might lead to non-foreseeable delays to any of the following steps: mass production in China, freight forwarding from China to our 5 warehouses (US, UK, EU, AUS, South East Asia), courier booking, and delivery in the destination countries. Due to the heterogeneity of the logistics chain in different countries, we cannot guarantee that all backers will receive their rewards at the same time. Backers living in remote countries or in countries whose logistic chains are more disrupted than others might experience delays in the delivery of their rewards.

Another area of improvement is our customer service. Although we always resolved all issues brought to our attention, on some occasions our communication was not timely due to staff turnover and covid infections that affected some of our staff in the last 6 months. With this issue in mind, we will aim at strengthening our internal staff to create a more resilient team able to cope with the extra workload in case of similar issues during the development and production of Ancient Blood.

Refunds and cancellation

Before the end of the crowdfunding campaign, an order can be canceled and fully refunded directly on Gamefound according to the terms and conditions of the Gamefound platform. You can change or cancel your Pledge at any time before the end date of the crowdfunding campaign for Ancient Blood The Order of Vampire Hunters, which is displayed on the Gamefound website. You can contact Gamefound FAQs and Gamefound customer service if you have any questions about this process. 

After the end date of the crowdfunding campaign we have a policy of no questions asked and offer refunds as follows:

  • a full refund within 14 days of the campaign’s end, fees included;
  • after 15 days of the campaign's end and before the production starts, we will only be able to refund 85% of the pledge due to Gamefound's, payment processing, and third parties fees (which we can’t get back after 14 days). The date the production starts will be announced in one of the updates on Gamefound;
  • after production starts no refunds are possible;
  • if a component cannot be delivered AT ALL, we will refund the full value of the undelivered component completely, including fees, even after the start of production.

Refunds within 14 days will be reversed via Adyn to your credit card. Refunds after 15 days of the campaign's end will be processed via Adyn or Paypal. Additional Paypal fees may apply depending on the country. Since this project is being crowdfunded in USD, any refunds processed will be in USD according to the conditions listed above,