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Master Dater by Cyanide & Happiness
Defeat your romantic rivals and win at love in Master Dater, a messed up dating game from Cyanide & Happiness. Follow along as we take you on a weird and wonderful journey all about love.

Project story

3 - 6
Play time
20 min
13 +
Master Dater, the messed-up dating game from Cyanide & Happiness, is a party game where players create awful, wacky, loveable characters and vie for each others' attention and affection. Defeat your rivals. Win at love!

Come join our romantic adventure, get the Gamefound exclusive Big Love Edition, participate in weird and wonderful stretch goals, and unlock special limited backer reward tiers.

We also hope you'll join us as we take you on a romantic quest for true love in a very special interactive animated series, airing every Monday and Thursday. More about all that farther down the page, but first, a quick rundown of the game itself!
There's also a bonus gameplay variant for those who back the Big Love Edition, which comes with 4 collectible Cyanide & Happiness pins! We like to call it Pin It To Win It. Here's how it works!

Where's the stuff? I came here for stuff.

The core Master Dater game comes with 115 Heads, 115 Bodies and 300 Interest (100 Hearts, 100 Sparks, 100 Flames) cards to keep you and your friends busy for hundreds of hours of wacky dating times!

That is it.


(angelic chorus music swells)
During this campaign ONLY, you can get the Master Dater BIG LOVE EDITION!
New, exclusive items unlocking every week!
Follow the project to be looped in!

Why Should I Back Master Dater on Gamefound?

So many reasons! Well, three to be exact.

1. Get the Game First

Master Dater will be in your hands ahead of everyone else. Your reward for literally helping us produce it.

2. Get the Game Cheaper

We're discounting the base game $5 for everyone who backs it here! Grab the Master Dater Uncut NSFW expansion pack here to save even more.

3. Get Exclusive Cyanide & Happiness Stuff

All pledge levels, but especially the Big Love Edition, will contain exclusive collectible items!


More info

Ok, so we said that was all there was and we sort of lied.

Over the next 30 days, we’ll be throwing all kinds of stuff at you!
More Cards? Yeah, def.

Entire Expansions? For sure.

Joking Hazard Garbage? We are contractually obligated to do that.

So, How do you unlock more stuff?

Easy, just do exactly what we tell you!

Below are our Stretch Goals. Each week during the campaign, we will introduce THREE new challenges to complete in order to unlock exclusive content, add-ons, and more! All you have to do is accomplish TWO of the THREE challenges each week to unlock the goal!

Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)


Master Dater: The Series

It wouldn't be a Cyanide & Happiness card game without a bonkers animated series accompanying it. Help lonely Lucy find love by leaving your comments in our bi-weekly updates, or on our YouTube channel, and steer Lucy away from bad dates and toward good dates! We'll be chronicling her adventure below:

Episode 1: Love at First Fright

Episode 2: Worst Impressions

Episode 3: Daters Gonna Date

Episode 4: Chore Wars

Episode 5: Bermuda Love Triangle

Episode 6: Old Dog, New Tricks

Episode 7: Threeway To Hell

Episode 8: Love Is In The Cards


Shipping will be charged in the Gamefound pledge manager once orders are finalized, in order to provide the most cost-effective rates for all backers. Backers in the EU will also be charged VAT. We will be utilizing local fulfillment in the United States, Canada, the EU and Australia. Shipping into the UK will be done from the EU.

Estimated Shipping Rates (based on weight):

US/CAN ~$5-10
EU ~ €5-10
UK ~ £5-15
AU ~ $5-10
Everywhere else ~$15-20USD or more *Places farther from the shipping hubs listed above may be more expensive.

About Us

Cyanide & Happiness is a long-running comic and animation series that has ruled over the weirder corners of the Internet for the better part of two decades. In 2016, we created our first card game, Joking Hazard, which opened up a new avenue for us to reach our fans with dynamic, hilarious, and content-rich tabletop games.

Risks and challenges

Cyanide & Happiness has successfully crowdfunded two previous cards games and have the experience and supply network needed in order to deliver on this project. Our biggest concern at this moment is the state of international shipping and manufacturing. Our priority is delivering this product to backers on or before our stated delivery dates and we will communicate any delays or disruptions in that timeline to backers the moment they arise.

Refunds and cancellation

Refunds will be available until the Gamefound Pledgemanager closes (right before fulfillment begins). Any fees or costs incurred from Gamefound will be deducted from requested refunds.