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Tremor by Curly Bros Games Curly Bros Games
The acclaimed strategy board game where you wield natural disasters to reshape the world and rescue the last of your species.
Tremor KS Edition

Tremor KS Edition

Set in a post apocalyptic world destroyed by climate change, Tremor is a 2-to-4 player strategy game where you redesign and rearrange the board every turn.
240mm x 240mm x 50mm
A$59.00 A$70.00

Product description

In Tremor, you play as ancestral animal spirits, trying to save their species from a disaster ridden world. Tremor can be played as a competitive or as a 2 vs 2 cooperative team game. It’s easy to learn and hard to master, making it suitable for all skill levels. Games generally last between 30–60 minutes depending on how seriously you take your strategy.

More info

  • 12 playable animals, each with unique abilities and meeples
  • 31 Tiles including; 6 Habitat tiles, 24 Disaster tiles, and 1 Earthquake tile.
  • 3 Decks of Cards; 1 Climate Deck and 2 Catastrophe Decks
  • 6 Double-Sided Species Cards
  • 4 Double-Sided Player Aids
  • 1 Catastrophe Board
  • 2 Custom Dice


"Great, timely theme, fantastic art. Very strategic - love the dynamic play surface.” AnnaMaria Jackson-Phelps, Girl's Game Shelf. 

"This game is aimed at the strategist. And probably anyone with a taste for ‘chaotic neutral’. The game reminds me a lot of Pandemic but without the co-operative element. Allowing a long-term build of strategy and planning leaves a lot of room for trickery and faux-pathways. My favorite element of the game is the Earthquake, for its subtle crescendo towards wide-spread panic across the game board." - Ann-Marie, Geek Mom

“The artwork is really, really gorgeous on this game...I like that fact that it comes with a TONNE of different options as far as the different characters go, they all have their own unique abilities and unique different tokens...they went the extra leg and gave everybody their own unique icons and abilities that all feel very, very different.” -Unfiltered Gamer

“It was super fun! I got to both screw people over, and screw people over when they tried to screw me over... back. The inception level layers of screwing each other over got pretty deep!” - Evin, Blood on the Clock Tower.

“Really, really fun game. Lot’s of decisions, lots of stuff you can do, and even if you’re falling behind you can always come back and win.” - Rodney, Boardgame Design Journal.