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Winter Queen by CrowD Games CrowD Games
Winter Queen is a beautiful abstract strategy game from the designer of Space Explorers and Viceroy. Fill the winter with colorful magic and vie to claim the title of the Queen’s Key Advisor!
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Project overview


Winter Queen was successfully funded on Kickstarter on December 31, 2020. Production has already begun — with plans to ship Winter Queen in May 2021.

Winter Queen was available for late pledging on GameFound until February 6, 2021. Now the late pledging period is over. Winter Queen hits retail in summer.

At the moment the transportation is well under way, and making changes to your order or address data is generally not possible. While you still may contact us directly to change something in your address up to the moment your parcel is actually shipped, it’s absolutely better to avoid any last-minute changes.

You may check more about Winter Queen on Kickstarter.

Winter Queen is language-independent and comes with an English rulebook and reference cards. Each of the three mini-expansions is accompanied with its own rules as well.

All translations were created by our backers and participants of the campaign — you may download the language version (5 files: rulebook, reference card and 3 mini-expansions rules) you need for free! Please note that the translated versions won’t be included with the printed version of Winter Queen.

If a folder with the translation files is empty or some files are missing, this means that the translation is not finished yet, but it will be completed soon!
Want to check if you understand the rules well? Try to solve Key Advisor Riddles: Bright Wisps (Update #5), At a Crossroads (Update #6), Harmony of Spheres (Update #8), Snowstorm (Update #9), Trouble Troubles (Update #10), The Blizzard Witch (Update #11), Friendship (Update #13).  Visit our website to find out more about CrowD Games and our board games, and don't forget to join us on BoardGameGeek,  Facebook,  Instagram and YouTube!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us: contact@crowdgames.us

Winter Queen