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Judgement: Eternal Champions by CreatureCaster CreatureCaster
Competitive tabletop game for 2-4 players featuring exquisite and detailed miniatures. Intuitive gameplay combined with tons of strategic depth. The Competitors set is fully assembled PVC that allows you to play right out of the box (gamers rejoice). Pledge now to get campaign exclusives!
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Project overview

The old gods have perished. Only strong enough to delay the encroaching demon invasion, their deaths have wracked the outer planes of Athien. The once perfectly balanced tri-planes of Athien’s existence are now at risk of total collapse. Without the Effigy Network that the new gods have created in Midëon (the Between), nothing would stop the demons from consuming this universe. The fate of Athien is now in the hands of the six ascending gods, caught in a struggle to see who will establish control over the Effigy Network and harness its endless power.

As a Judgement player, you become one of the demigods, calling forth your Champions to fight and capture Effigies. You will need to manage multiple resources and exploit synergies between your Heroes to be victorious. All the while, you must combat your enemy's plans and the neutral Monsters that roam the battlefields of Between. Are you up for the challenge?

Judgement Eternal Champions features completely unique heroes doing battle across multiple scenarios and with multiple paths to victory. Harvest souls from the battle ground or by slaying the enemy. Perhaps the opportunity will arise to directly attack the enemy's effigy, stealing a victory from the jaws of defeat. Layers of strategy and diverse heroes will provide a nearly infinite amount of fun and games for you and up to 3 other players.

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