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Warcrow Adventures by Corvus Belli Corvus Belli
A narrative challenging dungeon crawler game based in the new fantasy universe by Corvus Belli.
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Project overview

🇬🇧Welcome to the Warcrow Adventures Pledge Manager, dear Traveller! This fantasy dungeon crawler game was originally financed on Kickstarter.

If you were a Kickstarter backer, your pledge has been converted into credits here in Gamefound. These credits must be spent on, at least, one pledge level and any add-ons you want. The pledge level you chose during the Kickstarter campaign has not been automatically copied over, so you will need to choose it again. 

For late pledgers who missed the Kickstarter campaign, now is the moment to get your copy of the game! Just choose a pledge level, any add-ons you want and finish your order. Is that easy!

For more detailed information on the game please check out the original Kickstarter campaign!


🇪🇸¡Bienvenido al pledge manager de Warcrow Adventures, querid@ viajer@! Este dungeon crawler de fantasía fue financiado originalmente en Kickstarter

Si fuiste un patrocinador de Kickstarter, tu aportación se ha convertido en créditos aquí en Gamefound. Estos créditos deben ser gastados en, al menos, un nivel de pledge y los addons que desees. El nivel de pledge que elegiste durante la campaña Kickstarter no se ha copiado automáticamente, por lo que tendrás que elegirlo de nuevo. 

Para aquellos que se perdieron la campaña de Kickstarter, ¡ahora es el momento de conseguir una copia del juego! Solo tenéis que elegir un nivel de pledge, los addons que deseéis y finalizar el pedido. ¡Así de fácil!

Para obtener información más detallada sobre el juego, visita la campaña original de Kickstarter.

Pledge Levels

Here's the place to choose, confirm, or change your pledge level. You must select one pledge level in order to add any other addon you want. You can purchase as many pledges as you want.


Here you'll find all the add-ons. Please note you’ll need to purchase at least a Core Pledge to buy any add-ons. If you buy add-ons without a pledge, your order will be refunded at a later date.