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Company of Heroes Board Game by Bad Crow Games
A board game port of one of the greatest WWII strategy games of all time.
British Emplacements Pack

British Emplacements Pack

British Emplacement Miniatures including new Bofors guns.
241.3 x 241.3 x 76.2 mm
17,95 $

Product description

Secure your position and elevate the British Forces with huge emplacement miniatures.

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See the might of the British Forces unfold on your table with the British Emplacements Pack. Featuring huge emplacements discs and insertable Bofors, this pack uses the Core Set Miniatures to represent all British Emplacements.

Stretch Reward: At 1800 British Emplacement Packs sold, this pack unlocks 2 additional emplacement models! These additional models will allow for other factions to represent their emplacements with the models, and allow for additional British players.

(All miniatures now at the larger 1:100 scale)

6 x British Emplacement Models
2 x Bofors Models
2 x Additional British Emplacement Models (Stretch Reward)

Commander Spotlight
(Here we highlight one of the commanders that is included in the Core Set that utilizes British Emplacements, to illustrate how the British Emplacements are utilized in the core game)

Advanced Emplacements

The Advanced Emplacements commander takes the survivability and stopping power of the British Emplacements to the next level.

As the British construct emplacements to contest control points in the early game, their success will be based on if their emplacements can survive and hold off the enemy. The first 2 abilities of this commander give powerful defensive upgrades to the emplacements with pay-per-use smoke and additional defense during the damage phase. As the emplacements gain upgrades and become more lethal, the enemy will look to bombard the emplacements from afar rather than brave their massive damage output. The Counter Battery ability lets the British strike back against any long range attacks.

As the enemy brings out Heavily Armored vehicles in the late game, the Bofors and Mortar Emplacements will become less and less relevant, and the British Player will have to rely on their Anti-Tank Gun Emplacements to hold their line. When the munitions stockpiles are empty and success is on the line, the 17 Pounder Upgrade upgrades the Anti-Tank Gun's when the British need them most.


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