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Company of Heroes Board Game by Bad Crow Games
A board game port of one of the greatest WWII strategy games of all time.
Terrain Pack 2
Terrain Pack 2
Terrain Pack 2

Terrain Pack 2

Experience the might of the giant Cathedral and heavy bunkers. Populate your cities with destroyed buildings.
330.2 x 254 x 444.5 mm

Product description

Bring the hilltop monastery, impenetrable bunkers, and ruined cities of Company of Heroes to your table with Ruins of War: Terrain Pack 2. 

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This terrain pack features expanded gameplay championed by a dynamic cathedral miniature. Battle within the walls of the massive cathedral for control of resources, and ascend the tower to spot distant enemies. Be careful, if the enemy destroys the cathedral tower, your troops will fall to a swift death.
The US troops have secured the Cathedral and can see much of the battlefield. But, when the enemy destroys the tower, it is replaced with the broken tower and the US troops are killed.

Guard your defenses with large bunkers, which offer greater defense against enemy incursions. These heavily armored defense points offer more defense than a building and can be used as an indestructible fortress or a high health garrison.
And, fill the map with the rubble of conquest, using the destroyed buildings as tactical obstacles.

(All miniatures now at the larger 1:100 scale)

1 x Cathedral Base
1 x Cathedral Extension
1 x Cathedral Tower
1 x Cathedral Ruined Tower
2 x Bunkers
6 x Destroyed Buildings (potentially increased to 8 via PM Stretch Rewards at 1600)


Reviews to come