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Company of Heroes Board Game by Bad Crow Games
A board game port of one of the greatest WWII strategy games of all time.
Stug Assault Pack
Stug Assault Pack

Stug Assault Pack

The most game-changing mini pack, now with the Elite Infantry Add-on with Elite Infantry Dice plus the standard STUG Assault pack contents.
152.4 x 101.6 x 38.1 mm
$15.00 $21.00

Product description

The STUG Assault Pack brings reinforcements to all factions with the death-dealing STUG III Assault Gun and new Elite Infantry Commanders for Allied factions.

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The Sturmgeschütz III Ausf G was Germany’s most produced fully tracked armoured fighting vehicle in World War 2. As a Wehrmacht or Oberkommando West Commander, harness its power and efficiency to bring early to mid-game terror to your opponents.
The StuG III in the Company of Heroes Board Game is a doctrinal unit called in by special commanders contained in this pack. These Commanders are interchangeable between the OKW and the Wehrmacht and focus on producing multiple StuGs at a time. 
This pack also features unique Elite Infantry Dice to track the advanced infantry upgrades found in this pack. We have selected our favorite Allied Commanders from the postponed Elite Infantry Pack and are adding them to the STUG Assault Pack (which previously was all Wehrmacht and OKW Commanders). This helps flush out and balance the STUG Assault Pack, helps the other factions utilize the Elite Infantry Dice that are included in the STUG pack, and most importantly introduces some of our favorite elite troops. The Elite Infantry dice mark some advanced mechanics not found in the rest of the game system like Close Range Fire Power, adding variable damage amounts depending on range (this is an advanced mechanic that helps capture the variable effective range of units found in the video games).  Other elite abilities represented by this dice set are Heroic Sacrifice, which is a strategic ability that denies the enemy victory points if the squad is destroyed, an increased squad size upgrade, sniper ability sets, as well as a couple utility symbols to clarify veteran upgrade paths.
Three new bonus commanders for the STUG pack introduce some elite infantry for the Allies.

Soviet Spetsnaz Brigade Commander. This doctrine introduces Penal Battalions and Elite Shock Troops. Players will be able to buy these units or, upon unlocking their final Commander tier, create them out of Conscripts. The Shock Troops have high health, a defense die and are resistant to pin. They deal the conscripts standard 1 AI (anti-infantry) damage at normal range, but have 2x Close Range Fire Power which means they do a total of 3 AI damage to adjacent targets. (Like a human Flakpanzer!) The Elite Penal Battalion squads are not as defensive as the Shock Troops but have the versatility of throwing satchel charges for 2 HE damage at adjacent targets, possibly destroying light vehicles in one hit or crippling heavy armor, or they can choose to do 2 AI damage at normal range with their assault rifles.  Both of these squads will require getting up close to cause maximum damage, but the Penal Battalion has the option to be more effective at range. The Shock Troops however can spend 1 health to remove a pin status, allowing them to charge machine guns at the cost of squad health.

The Devil's Brigade Commander. This US Forces commander can call in highly trained US / Canadian special forces that were used throughout the war. Trained in mountaineering, land navigation, extreme weather conditions, parachuting, and infiltration your Devil's Brigade squad will at first be able to enter impassable terrain like rivers and cliffs. As your Commander unlocks levels your special forces will be able to parachute into any location, plant demolitions on buildings, camouflage themselves, and perform devastating close range ambushes. 

The British Special Service Brigade. The original special operations unit that all others were based on. These units are smaller than a regular infantry section but like The Devil's Brigade, can unlock increasingly more powerful upgrades as the Commander levels are advanced. Beginning with a basic close quarters combat advantage, they can purchase Thomson sub-machine guns to further increase their short range power (on par with the Soviet Shock Troops). But there they deviate by equipping Carbine Silencers, converting them to snipers, and with powerful close range satchel charges. The Special Service commandos become the most versatile elite infantry in the game with long and short range power, (they are, however, a little more fragile than the other Elite Infantry introduced in this pack so use them carefully). 

(All miniatures now at the larger 1:100 scale)

2 x STUG III Assault Guns (32.6 x 55 mm)
2 x OKW STUG III Assault Guns
2 x STUG Assault Doctrine Commanders
2 x STUG Tactical Doctrine Commanders
1 x Soviet Spetsnaz Brigade Commander
1 x Devil’s Brigade Commander
1 x British Special Service Commander
6 x Elite Infantry Dice Markers

Commander Showdown

STUG TACTICS vs. Soviet Spetsnaz Brigade

Here we have the Wehrmacht/Oberkommando West STUG TACTICS facing off against the Soviet Spetsnaz Brigade. In the early game, the German Close Range Firepower Upgrade will make taking early control points costly for the Soviets, but the Spetsnaz Brigade will deny the enemy victory points with their second wave ability. Anti-Infantry damage will favor the Soviets when they unlock Shock Troops, who deal 3 Anti-Infantry damage at close range and will dominate the early to mid game.

While the Spetsnaz Brigade has a faster upgrade track and will have the advantage against infantry, the slower moving Germans will have more powerful vehicles in the mid-game and late game. The StuG III, which is immune to Anti-Infantry damage, will allow for the German forces to push back onto control points. The Soviets will be forced to focus on Armor Piercing damage, giving the German infantry room to capture more objectives.

During the end game, the Soviets will have access to powerful infantry that will provide stopping power on Victory points. The weak Soviet tanks on the other hand will be hard pressed to combat the numerous, fully upgraded StuGs, who now deal 2 Armor Piercing and 2 Anti-Infantry damage. If the Soviet's munitions do not dip to low, the Germans will be denied critical final round victory points by the Soviet's 2nd Wave ability, and the Germans will push for objectives rather than looking to secure infantry kills.


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