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Company of Heroes Board Game by Bad Crow Games
A board game port of one of the greatest WWII strategy games of all time.
Eastern Reinforcements Pack
Eastern Reinforcements Pack

Eastern Reinforcements Pack

The Early Bird Eastern Reinforcements Pack available for sale to all backers.
152.4 x 101.6 x 38.1 mm

Product description

The ERP introduces new units and commanders to the Soviet Faction. Defend your position from the shadows with efficient, versatile units like the ISU-152 and elite sniper infantry. 

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From the rubbled streets of Stalingrad, Stalin begins to shift his resources to the front. This expansion introduces several new units to upgrade your Soviet gameplay and adapt to any strategy the enemy might throw at you.

Drive your enemies from their hiding spaces with the new ISU-152 tank, the only vehicle in the game capable of switching between Armor Piercing and High Explosive damage. Then eliminate those enemies without being seen with new elite snipers. Take control of the Heroes of Stalingrad and show your enemies what it means to advance on Mother Russia!

(All miniatures now at the larger 1:100 scale)

2 x ISU-152 (33 x 70.5mm)
6 x Sniper Infantry
1 x Heroes of Stalingrad Commander Card
1 x Siege militia Commander Card
1 x Frontline Assault Commander Card
1 x Frontline Tactics Commander Card

Commander Spotlight
(Here we highlight one of the commanders in this pack, to illustrate the tactical gameplay this pack brings to the core game)

Heroes of Stalingrad easily brings in the strongest snipers in the game. Taunt the enemy forces with the hope of destroying your sniper, then pull them out with the Decoy ability. Once the Urban Sharpshooters abilities is unlocked, the enemy will find that if they can find the sniper, they won't be able to get a shot on them. Target Officers gives the Soviet player incredible objective defense, sending the enemy infantry retreating as they try to secure mid game objective captures. And once the enemy brings in Armor to finally destroy the sharpshooters the Soviets round out the end game with the versatile ISU-152, capable of handling vehicles or infantry with it's dual damage types.


Reviews to come