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Company of Heroes Board Game by Bad Crow Games
A board game port of one of the greatest WWII strategy games of all time.
Oberkommando West Expansion
Oberkommando West Expansion

Oberkommando West Expansion

Command the German Elite. This expansion adds a 5th faction with an entirely different play-style.
317.5 x 317.5 x 44.45 mm

Product description

Introduce the Oberkommando West Faction to your next game, which features a wildly unique play style that focuses on mobility and aggression.

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The OKW stands apart from the other factions with it's unique game mechanics, and thrives with its aggressive and confident commanders. Construct bases anywhere on the map, strike quickly at objectives with blitzkrieg tactics, and unleash the deadliest, most expensive heavy vehicles in the game.
The armored vehicles of the OKW: The Luchs, the SturmTiger, and the Panther (with a lonely Kettenkrad for scale).

(All miniatures now at the larger 1:100 scale)

24 x Sturm Pioneer Infantry
3 x Raketenwerfer Models
3 x Flak Gun Emplacements
3 x Kettenkrad Scout Vehicles
3 x Puma Light Vehicles
3 x Stuka Halftracks
3 x Luchs Light Tanks
2 x Command Trucks
2 x Panther Tanks
2 x Sturm Tigers
3 x OKW Building Tiles
5 x OKW Commander Cards

(24 Vehicle and Weapon Miniatures plus 24 Sturmpioneers, more than any other faction.)

Commander Spotlight
(Here we highlight one of the commanders in this pack, to illustrate the tactical gameplay this expansion brings to the core game)

Elite Armored Doctrine

The powerful damage of the Oberkommando West units are offset by their fragility. The Emergency Repairs ability of Elite Armored Doctrine brings extra survivability to the OKW vehicles early to mid game by allowing the fragile Stuka and Luchs to heal if they are damaged. The Puma Call-In brings needed armor piercing in the mid game which, combined with the versatile Raketenwerfer, will clear enemies from critical control points. As the enemy brings out Tank Destroyers and tougher vehicles, the Puma will need added survivability and maneuverability to continue staying relevant, which the Grand Assault ability allows for in a pinch. Finally, to wipe out enemy infantry trying to steal points late game, the monstrous Sturm Tiger launches it's massive attack from afar, presenting a near impenetrable defense the last rounds of the game.

NOTE : This faction does not provide components for a 5th player, it just provides a new faction choice. To add 5 or 6 players then you will need a 2 Player Core Set along with your 4 Player Core Set.


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