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Colors Live Store by Colors Live
A powerful and fun painting app/game bundled with a pressure-sensitive pen! Pre-launch bundles available now!

Project overview

Painting unleashed on the Nintendo Switch™. After the massively successful Kickstarter campaign. Colors Live + Colors SonarPen is now available as pre-launch access!

Choose the Basic Bundle to get started painting on the Nintendo Switch or upgrade to the popular Patron Bundle to customize your Colors SonarPen and take part in the continued development of Colors Live!
Colors Live is a powerful and fun painting game for Nintendo Switch that comes bundled with the super-responsive Colors SonarPen. It is the sequel to the critically acclaimed Nintendo 3DS game "Colors! 3D". Whether you are a seasoned artist or a person new to digital painting, we think you are going to love it!
Pressure-Sensitivity with the bundled Colors SonarPen gives you wider stroke or more opaque the harder you press. Combined with the physical buttons on the Nintendo Switch, the painting flow is incredibly fast and intuitive.

Check out the kickstarter campaign and the product pages for more in depth information about Colors Live and Colors SonarPen.

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