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Coffee & Chaos by CobblePath Games CobblePath Games
Chaotic comedy roleplaying with your characters from other games!

Project story

1 - 8
Play time
45 min
5 +
two player
The Coffee Machine broke 5 minutes after you opened so you've had to rebrand as a juice bar, but at least one of your group has a levitation spell so you didn't have to use the ladder that tried to eat the rogue earlier.

The Game

Coffee & Chaos is a comedy tabletop roleplaying game about running a cafe, bar, restaurant or other establishment as everything goes very, very wrong around you.
It has been built on a rules-lite framework that facilitates two major things:

1. Allows the game to be played with any characters. It works especially well with pre-existing characters for one-off comedy sessions within longer campaigns.

2. Allows for the game to pull away from the idea of winning and instead focus on telling hilarious stories.

Characters are defined by their approaches to problems, which indicate how they would try to fix that broken keg, or negotiate with that difficult customer. These are represented by Knives, Forks and Spoons.

Knives - Direct Approaches
Forks - Creative Approaches
Spoons - Considered Approaches

This allows characters to retain all of their quirks from any other games they might be in. Your druid can still wildshape, your street samurai still has their cyber-arm but when taken out of their element the focus is on how they use those skills and abilities to solve problems (or accidentally make things worse).

The Cafe

What would this kind of story be without some understanding of where the characters are working?

Whether it's a grotty roadside tavern, a chic cyber-cocktail bar or a chill juice bar on the seafront you can make it in Coffee & Chaos! Depending on the atmosphere of your establishment the group will get bonus cutlery to allow them to solve problems in ways that might not come naturally.

Cafe's are created by scoring them on three scales:

Depending on how the Cafe is scored, certain cutlery will be added to a communal pool for everyone to use. Cafes can change in longer games, as the events of the game affect the reputation and vibe of the establishment.

The Print

Coffee & Chaos will be supplied printed on a C-Fold menu and a table talker.  the Menu will have the rules, the table talker the guide to Situations that can happen during play.

We are also offering a bunch of exciting add-ons to enhance the game or just fun merch! You can see the full list below!

A digital mockup of the main Menu print of the Coffee & Chaos rules.


Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)


The Team

CobblePath Games - We are a small two-person studio operating out of Bristol, UK.  CobblePath Games is made of Jack Milton as Game Designer and Stephanie Williamson as Writer. They are the creators of the personal horror ttrpg Locus and the comedy goblin game Stacks of Goblins@Cobblepath.

Jack Milton - The Lead Game Designer for CobblePath Games. Jack used to teach games design but stepped away from that profession to pursue physical game design full time. She also used to work in a cruddy bar.  @CobbleSprite

Stephanie Williamson - The Lead Writer for CobblePath Games. Steph has a Masters in Classical studies and uses it to inform the writing she contributes to CobblePath's projects. @Obskeree

Nimali - Sri Lankan-American illustrator residing in the midwest. When not drawing, she can be found indulging in various fandoms and watering her houseplants. Nimali is contributing her wonderful art to the project. @_rubycurls

Cat Elm - Cat is a Scottish based ttrpg designer. Creator of Cat Sith Press they are responsible for The Vampire Next door among several other awesome games and are notable for their excellent work bringing the community together for some big bundles on itch.io. Cat is contributing their skills in layout to Coffee & Chaos. @Cat_elm

Risks and challenges

Postage - We will be posting all the physical rewards from the United Kingdom. We have in the past had errors crop up in posting things abroad, so please be aware it may take longer than intended to receive your rewards. However we will guarantee we will make sure all our backers will get the rewards they have pledged for.

Refunds and cancellation

During the crowdfunding campaign, you can cancel your order at any time for a full refund. Gamefound charges your credit card only at the end of a successfully funded campaign. 

After that, you can request a refund for your order at any time. If your request is after the campaign but before we close the pledge manager, you will receive 90% of your pledge. Once we lock the pledge manager, but before we begin fulfilment, you will receive 50% of your pledge. Once we have sent your rewards to you we will not be able to offer a refund.