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Too Many Bones: Unbreakable by Chip Theory Games Chip Theory Games
The final standalone expansion to the acclaimed dice-builder RPG epic.

Project story

1 - 4
Play time
90 min
13 +
game components

What's in the Box

Meet the New Gearlocs


How to Play

The Basics
Too Many Bones: Unbreakable retains the classic mechanics of the Too Many Bones base game, which can be broken into these steps.

1. Choose a Gearloc. Each Gearloc is a unique player character with its own set of 16 Skill Dice, many of which you'll unlock over the course of your adventure. Unbreakable comes with two brand new Gearlocs, and gameplay can be expanded up to four players, using any other Gearlocs in the TMB line.

2. Choose a Tyrant. This is the final evil you'll be facing at the end of your journey. The tyrant you choose will also determine the makeup of your Encounter Deck and which Baddies you'll use to populate those Encounters.

3. Draw an Encounter. Each day of your journey, you'll have one encounter, most of which will allow you to choose one of two outcomes. If you picked a peaceful encounter, you'll apply the effects at that time. If you picked a battle encounter, then...

4. Battle! Too Many Bones battles take by on a 4 by 4 Battle Mat. Battles are turn-based, with each Baddie and Gearloc getting their own space on the Battle Mat's Initiative Meter, which determines turn order. Most battle encounters apply unique circumstances to the battle while requiring you to defeat all Baddies that appear on the mat, though others have more unusual win conditions.

5. If You Succeed, Collect Your Rewards. Most Encounter cards end with you collecting valuable Loot or spending Training Points to unlock new Skill Dice or increase Stats. Each Gearloc has several viable builds, so you'll be on the hunt for the one that best fits your play style.

6. Recover. At the end of the day, you will take time to heal to full health, look for better Loot, or scout for dangerous Baddies on the journey ahead. You can also use this time to try to open locked Trove Loot, which have game-changing benefits once open.

7. Advance the Day Counter. Once you're done with the previous steps, you do it all over again, with the Baddies and fights getting more difficult the longer you progress through your journey.

8. Kick Some Tyrant Butt. If you've made enough progress along the way, eventually you will face off against your chosen Tyrant. If you navigate the Tyrant's unique final battle and emerge victorious, you win the game!

What's new to Unbreakable?

Too Many Bones: Unbreakable ups the stakes with the addition of the Lava Battle Mat and new Break-type baddies. Made up of 16 chips that slot into the neoprene play surface, the Lava Battle Mat is a dynamic battlefield where the ground beneath your adventurer’s feet can change at any time, turning from solid ground into molten lava in an instant. This deadly change is controlled by Unbreakable’s unique encounters and the Break-type baddies, who have a variety of new powers that specifically interact with the lava chips.

In addition to these new mechanics, Unbreakable also boasts a variety of new Orc, Troll, and Bog Baddies, each with their own complement of skill layouts. The Tyrants are new as well, each one presenting a unique challenge that integrates with the treacherous Battle Mat on which they're found. With its unique twist on TMB's traditional structure, Unbreakable is a great introduction to this beloved series and a must-play addition for longtime fans.

Why Pledge Now?

There are a lot of reasons to get in on Too Many Bones: Unbreakable right now, but here's one that affects your bottom line: the game will never, ever be cheaper than we're offering right now. We sell our crowdfunded games at a discount during their initial campaigns and that includes keeping the projected MSRP as low as possible. After campaign fulfillment, not only does the game price move to match MSRP, but often the MSRP is immediately increased as well. So again, there will never be a more inexpensive time to come on board. We also frequently sell our add-ons and expansions in cheaper bundles during the campaign, so by pledging now, you help the campaign and can get our products for less.

Chip Theory Games crowdfunding campaigns are a place of community, communication and collaboration. We view our backers as important sources of feedback on our games as they develop – and there's one way in particular in which they really affect the final product: stretch goals. Every stretch goal added during a campaign is added to that title permanently, so backing the game now makes it better for all players for as long as Chip Theory exists.

Finally, backing a Chip Theory Game during the campaign means that you'll be among the first to play it. Due to the involved process of making Chip Theory products, it's not uncommon for even our most popular games to frequently go out of stock (present day supply chain issues exacerbate these circumstances even further). By backing the campaign, you're securing your games to arrive as soon as they're ready, rather than having to wait for future shipments to come in.

*Oh and one more thing...we are currently still offering Flat Rate Shipping both on our site and in our campaigns. That may not be the case forever.

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Risks and challenges

This is our 13th crowdfunding campaign, so we know what we're doing. However, over the last year and a half, COVID-19 and related factors have provided its own set of unique challenges to the board game production, manufacturing and shipping process. We're still committed to the same level of service we have offered pre-pandemic, but ongoing shipping problems could result in slowdowns to production or fulfillment.

With that said, we have a great reputation for industry-best communication and transparency with our backers. We are also a very healthy company and have plenty of staying power even if we all were to encounter more tough months ahead. We'll be here. When you back a Chip Theory campaign, we guarantee you’ll receive a high quality product at the conclusion of the project and know exactly where things stand every step of the way.

Refunds and cancellation

DISCLAIMER: Please note that the products presented in this campaign are not final. During the Gamefound project and up until file submission, the project is still in development and all aspects are subject to alterations and improvements. Also note that products portrayed in this campaign are prototypes, and not always representative of the final product.

By pledging to this project, you acknowledge that the final look, components, and content of these rewards are subject to change and may differ from what is presented on this Gamefound project page.

An order can be canceled and fully refunded before the end of the campaign by clicking on the applicable button found on Gamefound.

Regarding payments made through Gamefound:
• Within 14 days after the end of the campaign, you can get a full refund without any conditions.
• From the 15th day after campaign end to the day order fulfillment lists are submitted to our partners, you can get a refund minus fees (Gamefound & credit card processing fees - typically 8%) by contacting CTG.

Regarding payments made through the Pledge Manager:
• You can get a full refund without any conditions within 14 days after the payment, not 14 days after the Pledge Manager closes.
• You can get a refund minus fees from the 15th day after the payment to the day order fulfillment lists are submitted to our partners.

The refunds are made by default in USD through the Pledge Manager.