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Rambo: the Board Game by Everything Epic Everything Epic
Rambo™: The Board Game is a highly thematic, cooperative, and tactical miniatures mission-based campaign game that allows 1-4 players (Core) and Solo (First Blood) to experience the events you remember from the films as well as embark on new, never before seen missions. Never Draw First Blood, ALWAYS FIGHT BACK
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Project overview

Operation... Rambo: The Board Game  
Your Mission: Have an action-packed EPIC Experience!

You and your team will overcome enemies and obstacles as special forces Green Berets. To complete your missions, you'll equip yourselves with Gear and Tactics, attack your objectives solo or cooperatively to stand as a force against the odds, and above all:

They drew first blood, not him! No man, no law, no war can stop him! Sylvester Stallone is back as Rambo,  and this time he’s got his team with him in Rambo: the Board Game! You’ve seen the movies, now play the game! Become Rambo, Col. Trautman, Co Bao and others and return to the warzone in Rambo: First Blood Part II & Rambo 3!
Replay your favorite scenes from the movies or forge your own path to victory with 52 highly detailed minis, including 2 choppers, over 100 gear and tactics cards, tons of detailed map tiles and 10 epic heroes to become! Embark on 2 Story Campaigns of war with 20 unique, tactical & strategic missions in this diceless, stealth-based, guns-blazing, action-adventure thrill ride back to the 80s!