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Gunfighter the Card Game by Everything Epic Everything Epic
Gunfighter! The Fast-Paced Tactical Card Game of Wild West Showdowns for 2 players!

Project overview

It's time for a SHOWDOWN!
Someone said the wrong thing, looked at you the wrong way, shot your friend, trampled your dog, stole your lover... and you've had enough! You'll be meeting them in the center of town at high noon. You'll settle this the only way you know how... with an epic showdown in... GUNFIGHTER!

A lifetime of gunfighting has equipped you with a unique set of actions that are represented by cards. These cards can be used to ensure that your gun’s chamber stays loaded while your aim stays true. 
Gunfighter is a two player non-collectible card game that takes 10-15 mins to play! Each player uses Action cards to try to take each other out in an EPIC Western showdown. These actions range from stylish shooting and dodging sequences to taunting or even intimidating the opponent to get inside their head. Skillful play of cards gives you the edge you need to make your opponent dead! 
During each turn of the duel, both players simultaneously select one Action card to use and play it facedown. You'll then both reveal and resolve the abilities of the cards attempting to outsmart your opponent. 
To successfully shoot your enemy, you must have a high Accuracy (chance to hit) and also make sure your weapon is loaded with Bullets (used for shooting and other Actions). 
Getting shot is how you end up DEAD! So, you should avoid that by playing a well-timed Dodge, thus saving your hide! 

There's only one way to WIN partner... they die and you don't. It's that simple - you shoot them and they don't shoot you! Good Luck!  

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Gunfighter the Card Game