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Project overview

Animalchemists is a strategic multi-tiered market purchasing game.  Players take the role of one of the Animal Alchemists and spend turns gathering ingredients, brewing potions, and crafting spells to cast on one another.  The player with the most points from their spells and resources at the end of the game is the winner!


  • CardLords Bundle
    All 5 CardLords Titles
  • Animalchemists + BattleGoats: Reinforced
    1 Animalchemists + 1 BattleGoats: Reinforced
  • Animalchemists x2
    2 Animalchemists + 1 BattleGoats
  • Animalchemists + Take the Gold
    1 Animalchemists + 1 Take the Gold
  • Animalchemists + Fallen Treasures
    1 Animalchemists + 1 Fallen Treasures


  • Animalchemists


    $19.00 $19.99
    Animal Alchemists using ingredients to craft potions and cast spells!
  • BattleGoats: Reinforced

    BattleGoats: Reinforced

    $19.00 $19.99
    An updated 2-9 player version of BattleGoats, a head to head card game.
  • Fallen Treasures

    Fallen Treasures

    $10.00 $12.95
    A 2-6 player octopus filled game of treasure collection.
  • Take the Gold

    Take the Gold

    $12.00 $12.95
    A 2-6+ player all-ages card game that plays in about 10 minutes.
  • The Pirate's Flag

    The Pirate's Flag

    $25.00 $29.99
    A 3-6 Player Dice-Rolling, Card-Playing, Capture the Flag Board Game!


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