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Dance Card! Deluxe Edition by Cardboard Console Cardboard Console
Easy to learn rules, incredible art, and a diverse cast of characters make Dance Card! the perfect choice for game night! Please note that this Deluxe Edition includes extra cards, tokens, characters, and that won't be present in future retail versions of this game!

Project overview

Welcome to Dance Card!, a medium-weight strategy game that accommodates one to four players and can be played solo, competitively, or cooperatively in around 45 minutes or less! Take on the role of a student at the Sackson High Homecoming dance and groove your way to victory by dancing with each of your three dance partners before the night is over! Please note that this Deluxe Edition of the game also includes several components that won't be available in future retail versions of the base game, so preorder your copy today!
Start the game by drawing a dance card, which indicates the student that you'll be playing. The dance card also shows your student's relationship to several other characters in the game, including their dance partners, their friends, their rival, and more. Move students around the board, chat with the contacts of your partner, avoid mood-killing chaperones, and use special abilities to set up the perfect moment for a dance! Succeed at three dances and win the game!


Preorder your copy of Dance Card! below! Select "Party Person" for individual copies of the game or "Retailer" for a carton of five copies! Estimated delivery: September 2020.
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    Party Person

    Base Game + Stretch Goals
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    Base Game + Stretch Goals (x5) Note: Please contact us with proof that you are indeed a retailer before placing your order.