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Dance Card! Deluxe Edition by Cardboard Console Cardboard Console
Easy to learn rules, incredible art, and a diverse cast of characters make Dance Card! the perfect choice for game night! Please note that this Deluxe Edition includes extra cards, tokens, characters, and that won't be present in future retail versions of this game!

Project overview

Dance Card! is a tabletop board game in which players take on the roles of students at the Sackson High Homecoming dance and groove their way to victory by dancing with each of their three partners before the night is over!

The game can be played solo, competitively, or cooperatively in under 45 minutes by 1 to 4 players, and it scales in difficulty to accommodate both new and experienced gamers alike.

Dance Card! was successfully funded on Kickstarter and is now available for purchase. It is available at stores worldwide, and you can purchase a copy here at GameFound for immediate shipping in US and Canada.

Watch the Kickstarter trailer below to learn more about the game.
Click Here to view the rule book!

Please note that this Deluxe Edition includes several components that won't be available in future retail versions of the base game, so order your copy today!

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Dance Card! is now available for purchase and delivery in the United States and Canada!