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Neko Ghost, Jump! by Burgos Games Burgos Games
Neko Ghost, Jump! is a puzzle-platformer set on Nekoworld. It stars Nekoman setting out to save his bride-to-be from the clutches of evil Space Dog Pirates that invaded his planet on his wedding day.
The project is currently open for backers with credits. You can't add anything to your pledge because you don't have any.

Project overview

Players will have the ability to not only switch between 2D & 3D camera perspectives but also between their physical & ghost forms to solve puzzles, combat enemies, and clear levels faster. 

Other features include:
  • Leaderboards in every level to compete in
  • 100s of customization options available
  • 8 unique biomes full of new enemies and a boss
After our successful Kickstarter, we have decided to open it up for Late Pledging for a little while as well.

Platforms To Release On 
PC (Win/Linux), Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Android, iiRcade

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