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Project L Reprint + New Expansion by Boardcubator Boardcubator
Tile-matching engine builder hit from 2018. New expansion & all previous content.

Project overview

Project L Reprint + New Expansion

Get the ultimate Project L experience with our Kickstarter edition pledge options, including:
  • Collector's All-in Edition with all previous content.
  • a brand new Phoenix expansion.
  • and exclusive components and content.

For information on the game, pledges, add-ons, shipping, etc., visit the Project L Kickstarter page here.

Pledge manager timeline:
  • April – Pledge manager opens, all items available unlimited.
  • Currently, we are here –> May to June – Pledge manager remains open. Items quantities are limited.
  • June 30th – Pledge manager closes. You will still be able to change your shipping address.
  • September – Addresses will be locked.

The backers who haven't finalized their orders in Gamefound, don't worry about the capped quantities. We have reserved the items you pledged for during the Kickstarter campaign, ensuring you won't miss out on anything.

Shipping differences
  • A big shipping box can fit more products. It has 12 slots, which means it can fit, for example, 1x Collectors All-in, 1x Project L base game, 1x Finesse and 1x Ghost pieces expansion.
  • A small box has only 6 slots and fits only a small expansion (Ambassador Pack, Finesse Ambassador Pack, and Phoenix Expansion) that fills just 1 slot each.

NOTE Each product has how many slots it takes up in its product tile. Slots are also represented by product weight for example, Project L's base game weight is 0.04kg which means that this product fillup 4 slots in the shipping box. More information about slots can be found here on the Project L Kickstarter page.