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Project L: Finesse by Boardcubator Boardcubator
Project L is a fast-paced, tile-matching, engine building game with recessed puzzle boards and vibrant acrylic pieces for 1-5 players.

Project overview

Welcome, to the pledge manager of Project L: Finesse!

Are you interested in getting Project L or any of its expansions? Now is your chance!
Here is the remaining stock of all products in each of our shipping hubs. Please choose a fitting shipping hub based on your region (if you are from Germany, you should choose the German Hub; if you are from France, you should choose the Worldwide (Czech) hub). Here are all the available hubs:

If there are no more available items in your fitting shipping hub, you can always choose to ship from the Worldwide (Czech) hub. However, if you are ordering from multiple regions (your fitting region + worldwide hub) you need to make separate orders for each hub!
All items will be shipped as soon as possible (on a weekly basis) and they are available until they ran out of stock. If you order from the Worldwide (Czech) hub, there might be customs fees based on your region.
Let us know if you have any questions via comments or our email at support@boardcubator.com.

Project L remaining supplies: Worldwide (Czech) Hub

This hub ships worldwide from Czechia (which may incur customs fees based on your region). If there is no more stock in your preferred hub, you can choose this one. Shipping is calculated based on your region.

Project L remaining supplies: German Hub

This hub ships only to Germany. If you are interested in something that is out of stock in this hub, you can check out the Czech Hub which ships worldwide (you need to make a separate order).