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Project L: Finesse by Boardcubator Boardcubator
Project L is a fast-paced, tile-matching, engine building game with recessed puzzle boards and vibrant acrylic pieces for 1-5 players.

Project overview

Project L is a fast-paced engine building strategy game for 1-5 players. This perfect family game is packed with choices that will keep your brain running at full steam. The core of the game lies in completing puzzles with pieces. Completed puzzles give you points as well as extra pieces to use. The more pieces you have, the more difficult (and valuable!) puzzles you may try to complete.

The Finesse expansion brings extra strategic depth to Project L through an addition of goals which require each player to fulfill different conditions to get more points during the game. Completing your goals may require making compromises in your strategy or deviating from it altogether, allowing thus new ways to play Project L.

The Ghost Piece expansion adds 24 new puzzles with unique shapes and new reward mechanics. There are also 3 new types of level-5 pieces, the Ghost Pieces. This expansion enhances the replayability of Project L, opens new strategic options for you to explore, and gives you the option to add one more player into the mix!
Every Finesse expansion you pledge for includes a revised rulebook with it. If you only want the physical rulebook (or an extra one), please write us an email at support@boardcubator.com.

Estimated delivery for all the items by September 2021.