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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - The Board Game by Boardcubator Boardcubator
Dive into cooperative RPG board game that brings Kingdom Come: Deliverance to your table with captivating story, lifelike voice acting and original combat system. So open the box, start up the app and let the 15th century Bohemia into your living room.

Project story

1 - 4
Play time
2 h
video game theme

Follow the Progress: Project Updates

Can’t fight the hunger no more? We’ve got you—and bring you a chunky project update each month. Gradually, we shed more light on game mechanics, the story, and everything in between. To stay up to date on a more frequent basis, jump into our Facebook and/or Discord group. 

Now behold the full overview.

July ‘22 Project Update: From Digital To Tabletop (Video)

The July update is here and with it the next episode of Going Medieval with Boardcubator! This is a juicy one, as we invite Tobi, the Warhorse Studios head of marketing, to interview us and we discuss many of the game’s core mechanics and design routes. But as always, then more’s to it—so dig in.

June ‘22 Project Update: What’s Crackin’ in 1421 Bohemia?

The June update brought the first proper look at the miniatures and game environment, but also the story introduction. Not to be missed!

May ‘22 Project Update: The Road to Launch of Kingdom Come (Video)

In this very first update, we introduce our Going Medieval with Boardcubator video series. It gives you a chance to follow our progress but also provides a peek at our workflow and explains game design choices.

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