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Paladin Protector Sleeves by Board&Dice
Affordable premium card protection for your gaming treasures!

Project story

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game components
With a solid, 5-year long presence on the gaming market, Paladin Card Protection makes its debut on GameFound! You have built a curated collection of great games - now it is time to make sure they last for as long as you want to play them!

Excellent premium protection

Our sleeves are 90 microns thick, which makes them supremely durable!

Each sleeve is sized so that you get the best chance to fit sleeved cards in inserts!

Every packet comes with 55 sleeves, offering you those precious extra sleeves for when you most need them!

Fully customizable pledges

Free shipping

This campaign is USA, Canada, EU, East Asia, and Australia friendly. Pledges to these regions are shipped locally, which means they will come with no customs fees. Here is the full list of countries with friendly shipping: USA, EU, Canada, Australia, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Vietnam. Please note that we are unable to ship pledges to Brazil, Libya, Syria, Philippines, Venezuela and Reunion.

In these tough times, we can guarantee that our shipping will stay free. Free shipping has always been a staple of all Paladin projects - and we will preserve this staple, just like Paladin Protectors preserve your cards!

Paladin sleeve sizes

Paladin card protection offers you a stunning array of 36 sleeve sizes, with literally thousands of games and expansions fully covered and protected by our premium sleeves.
To get exactly what you need, you may use our Paladin Card Protection app, available for free here, or using the QR code below.

Standard sleeve sizes

The most popular sleeve sizes for the most common gaming needs. With sleeves chosen from the offer below, you will be able to protect a vast majority of most popular games on the market.

Large sleeve sizes

Ultra Large sleeve sizes


Durability, clarity, premium quality

Paladin was created by a team of passionate gamers and game design and publishing specialists, working (and playing games together!) for Board&Dice. As gamers, we wanted to create the perfect type of sleeve: offering a high level of protection, while having a minimum influence on your gaming experience.

The Paladin Card Protectors are 90 microns thick. This means that they are thicker than most of the popular brands’ Premium sleeves. We offer extremely high durability, and a level of protection that keeps your cards away from harm in any gaming situation.
We chose the thickness of 90 microns to maximize binding, making Paladin Card protectors almost unbreakable, while your cards stay well protected, for an affordable price.

Are there thicker sleeves on the market? Yes. However, 90 microns already offer perfectly solid protection, while still making a sleeved deck manageable. Simply put, with thicker sleeves the decks spill over your gaming table much too easily to be used comfortably.

Finally, we wanted sleeves that are clear and safe to use. No PVC or acid is an industry standard which we adhere to. Furthermore, we have personally made sure that the materials used guarantee the highest level of clarity, so that you can enjoy the cards you choose to protect the way they you want to enjoy them: in full, vivid and unmodified color and sharpness.

Risks and challenges

While this project marks the debut of Paladin Card Protection on GameFound, we have successfully ran multiple previous crowdfunding campaigns. Our affordable premium sleeves have been around for 5 years, allowing us to gain experience in the fields of manufacturing, worldwide shipping, packing and fulfillment.

To ensure the highest quality of our product and a smooth delivery, we have personally visited the production facilities in China, which allowed us to realistically assess the time and effort needed to manufacture and deliver Paladin Card Protectors to our backers. For each production run we make sure to see physical samples of all the sleeves we produce. Conservative deadlines allow us to better check quality and deliver on time without cutting corners.

Knowing that the unexpected may still happen, we are accounting for possible delays at every step of production and fulfillment, and working only with partners that have not failed us in the past, making sure that if something does not go exactly as planned, we will have enough spare time to still stay within the project deadlines.

We will continue to communicate openly and sincerely with you - our backers - whether the project moves along according to the plan or if anything unexpected happens. Our aim is to deliver the best possible products in a timely manner, but more than that, it is our goal to make Paladin Season 5.5 an enjoyable journey for everyone on board.

Pledge Manager

Please read carefully before pledging for this project!

We will be using a pledge manager after the campaign. By pledging for this campaign, you agree to use the pledge manager to:
Select products with a total price equal to or higher than the value of your pledge, and to Provide us the information needed for us to fulfill your pledge (including an address valid at the time of delivery) within the time frame (of no less than 21 consecutive days) made public by us via updates on the project page.

Failure to comply with these requirements within the time established will result in forfeiture of your pledge, with any possible refunds being solely the discretion of Board & Dice.

Refunds and cancellation

Refunds will be available for the first 14 days from the end of the campaign. Anyone wishing for a refund will receive it, no questions asked. Beyond this date, we will no longer be able to offer any kind of refund, as we will start production immediately.