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Queen IPA
Queen IPA
STANDARD PLEGDE! MSRP = $45 - you save $15 and you'll receive one add-on for free!


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MSRP = $45 - you save $15 and you'll receive one add-on for free!
At this pledge level you will get: 

  • „Cheep lager” e-postcard with beautiful illustrations related with Beer Empire theme and Dice Brewing beer recipes illustrations. 
  • Beer Empire: The Board Game with all its contents, including all related unlocked stretch goals, in best possible price.

What does brewing and building one’s own Beer Empire mean? To some it is just business, a way to earn money and increase the value of their company. It’s a liquid which lets you achieve your business goals and turn ideas into money. To others it is passion, commitment, discovering new flavors, aromas and colors. It is some kind of alchemy that gives you the opportunity to stimulate the reserves of creativity and independence hidden deep inside of you...

But is there a truly right way to build your own Beer Empire? No… And you are not going to find it in this game either… Building the best Beer Empire requires focusing on several game elements at the same time and choosing the right strategy to achieve the goals you have set. Finally, the biggest Beer Empire will only be created when you combine the passion for brewing and the love for beer with business calculation, commitment to winning the most important markets, and a wise choice of the most suitable strategy.

There is nothing to wait for then! Take your aprons, agitator rods, bags of malt, baskets full of hops… It’s time to open your own brewery and develop some unique recipes. It’s time to build your own Beer Empire!

Well, some people are simply masters at explaining rules and showing how to create your own beer from all the resources you can find in Beer Empire. 
So we’d like to invite you for the rules explanation of Beer Empire, with our Main Brewmaster Kuba Polkowski from polish game blog: Board Game Girl.


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