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Board&Dice Games by Board&Dice
Board and Dice s.c. is a Wrocław-based company. They're a small and relatively young publisher who started their career with the Beer Empire board game.
Dungeon Fighter

Dungeon Fighter

A4 Quest printed edition with 2 brand new, Kickstarter exclusive, adventures and 2 exclusive companions.

Product description

This pledge does not include shipping. You will be asked to pay it after Kickstarter ends, from the Pledge Manager level. Please check shipping section for more details.

  1. All unlocked Stretch Goals
  2. Printed A4 Quest with 2 exclusive: adventures and companions

Jun 2018

More info

A4 Quest is a solo adventure game in which you will face hordes of monsters while experiencing locations. Your goal is to complete specific tasks while making sure that you stay alive!

The main assets of A4 Quest are: 
  • It’s mobility 
  • Being able to mix the sets 
  • The feel of adventure while exploring different rooms 
  • And the fact that the game takes less than 10 minutes

You have a lunch break during work hours or you’re traveling on a train? 

Then find yourself some space and go on the adventure to put down some monsters and survive through an epic journey. The whole game has a humorous graphic design and its style resembles a two-dimension platform games known from computers or mobile games.

Manage your dice by assigning them to right adventures. Choose from available actions on the field. But remember, you need to plan a few steps ahead! Arrange food so that you can rest, because if you don’t your hero will bite the dust sooner than you think! Also, remember about your hero’s special skills because they might save you more than once!

*In this pledge level you will receive all archived stretch goals marked with “for A4 Quest” sign.