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Previous campaigns

All pledges from our Kickstarter campaigns - Multiuniversum Project: Cthulhu and Beer Empire - most of these pledges are no longer available.
  • Mystery Scrolls

    Mystery Scrolls

    Please select this pledge if you have supported our project with $5
  • De Vermis Mysteriis
    The stars are right and you know what that means! Yes, our scientists have opened a portal to R'lyeh and bad stuff is coming through. Multiuniversum’s first expansion includes a new set of portals which replace the original ones and bring in new mechanics and risks.
  • Necronomicon


    The main pledge level which contains Multiuniversum (main game) and Multiuniversum Project: Cthulhu (Expansion).
  • Book of Azathoth

    Book of Azathoth

    Group pledge, which contains 6 x Multiuniversum Project: Cthulhu (Expansion).
  • Book of Eibon

    Book of Eibon

    Group pledge, which contains 6 x Multiuniversum (main game) and 6 x Project: Cthulhu (Expansion).
  • Destruction!


    Group pledge, which contains 16 x Multiuniversum (main game) and 16 x Project: Cthulhu (Expansion).
  • Beer Madness

    Beer Madness

    We have decided to open this stretch goal in level of 85% of main goal to give you guys a chance to add now this small, extra paid add-on - only $5 and it can help us to reach the main goal a little bit faster.


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