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Cat Knights by Blood Carrot Knights by BloodCarrotKnights BloodCarrotKnights
12 Brand-new Handly sculpted 54 mm Collectible miniatures
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Project overview

 Blood Carrot Knights present you our Cat Knights collection of 54 mm miniatures! You will find in this project our hits and brand new figures. Please, welcome: William Taillace, Furan The Destroyer, Sir Kittingham, Meowromant, and Meowlord of Katzville. All figures were handly sculpted by very talented artist Pavel Charmosov and cast carefully using high-quality resin. This is our first Kickstarter project and we're really happy that Wendys Miniatures and ScaleBro will help us to make everything as cool as possible. We really need your support and we have plenty of great exclusive things to offer you during this campaign. So, please, back us here, subscribe to our social media, and definitely share this with your friends and hobby mates. Let's bring these mighty kitties to everyone who really needs them! 

Base Box

Single Cats