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Blacklist Miniatures: Fantasy Series 1 by Blacklist Games LLC Blacklist Games LLC
A new line of detailed plastic miniatures for use in any fantasy tabletop roleplaying, skirmish, or board game!

Project overview

Blacklist Miniatures: Fantasy Series 1 is not only a celebration of our love for miniatures, but also of all things fantasy! This incredible set of high quality, highly detailed, pre-assembled plastic miniatures can be used in any type of fantasy tabletop game, from roleplaying to skirmish to board games!

Supporting this project will allow us to continue to bring you amazing, themed sets for many different genres!

If you are a retailer and are interested in retailer pricing, please email us at retailers@blacklistgamesllc.com.

This pledge manager closes on July 22 at 11:59 PM EDT. No orders will be accepted past this deadline.

Please follow our project updates on the Blacklist Miniatures: Fantasy Series 1 campaign page to stay up to date with news and requests from the Blacklist Games team.

See the Blacklist Miniatures: Fantasy Series 1 campaign page for more details, as well as terms and conditions.

Main Pledge Tier

  • Adventurer Tier
    Over 200 miniatures for all your tabletop game needs!


  • Door Pack

    Door Pack

    3D doors to bring your adventures to life!
  • Scenery Pack

    Scenery Pack

    3D scenery to bring your adventures to life!
  • Altar Quest Lurker Pack
    The monsters from the Fantasy Series 1 box playable in Altar Quest!
  • Altar Quest - "Quest Tier Pledge" (Late Pledge Limited Quantities)
    The highly anticipated fantasy adventure game for 1-4 players!
  • Altar Quest - "Ruins of Arkenspire" expansion (Late Pledge Limited Quantities)
    A campaign expansion for Altar Quest!
  • Altar Quest - "First Four" hero pack (Late Pledge Limited Quantities)
    Four new heroes to play as in Altar Quest!