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Altar Quest by Blacklist Games LLC Blacklist Games LLC
A cooperative game of fantasy adventure for 1-4 players designed by Adam and Brady Sadler.
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Neoprene Stretch Goal Game Board Mat (x6)

Neoprene Stretch Goal Game Board Mat (x6)

*RETAILERS ONLY* (see "More Info" section below): Receive six (6) copies of the Neoprene Stretch Goal Game Board Mat at a reduced cost.
$72.00 $120.00

Product description

Each Neoprene Stretch Goal Game Board Mat is:

A high quality 33” x 22” neoprene gaming mat featuring the art from the stretch goal game board!

This beautiful neoprene version of the Kickstarter exclusive "stretch goal" game board will feature the standard rubber backing you'd expect from a playmat, ensuring it doesn't move around while playing. It also makes setup and teardown a breeze; just unroll/roll it up and you're good!

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