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Altar Quest by Blacklist Games LLC Blacklist Games LLC
A cooperative game of fantasy adventure for 1-4 players designed by Adam and Brady Sadler.
This project does not accept any more orders at this time.
Base Ring Pack

Base Ring Pack

An additional set of 12 base rings!

Product description

An additional set of 12 base rings, perfect for pre-basing minions and traps so they are ready to go whenever you play!

One pack of 12 rings is enough to cover one threat deck's worth of minions. For more details regarding how many packs are needed to cover minions and traps, see "more info" below.

More info

How many of these ring packs are needed to pre-base all the minions in the Altar Quest base game, and the stretch goals box?
  • 7 of these packs are needed to cover all threat decks from the base game and the stretch goals box.

What if I wish to pre-base the threat deck from the Ruins of Arkenspire campaign box?
  • You will need 1 additional pack.

How many of these packs do I need to pre-base all the trap miniatures?
  • 3 additional packs.