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Merchant Tier

Merchant Tier

*RETAILERS ONLY; see "More Info" section below* 6x Altar Quest base game + 6x Stretch Goals

Product description

*RETAILERS ONLY (see "more info" section below)*

Add a Merchant Tier to your pledge.

  • 6x Altar Quest base game
  • 6x Altar Quest stretch goals box (which also contains 6x "Call of the Lunarin" Kickstarter Exclusive expansion)
*NOTE: Please make sure to visit the Retailers Add-ons section to benefit from reduced costs when ordering x6 copies of an add-on*

Click here for more information on the Altar Quest Kickstarter campaign.

More info

*RETAILERS ONLY*: This pledge level is for retailers only. Retailers will be required to provide proof of a physical or digital business in the tabletop gaming industry, along with their business ID and details.

Those who select this tier and are unable to provide the required information will pay the standard cost for each item in this tier.


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