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Silly Shapes by Heartful Games Heartful Games
Who Let the Shapes Out? A strategic, laugh-out-loud card game, that will have the whole family in tears of laughter and joy!

Project overview

The Silly Shapes have been unleashed and it's up to you to return them to stop the outrageous and crazy silliness. Battle through silly sentence building, chance mini games and bluff opponents on the way to be the first player to return all your silly cards to the deck to be the winner!
Silly Shapes is a fast paced, laugh out loud, family friendly card game with game mechanics from Crazy Eights, as well as bluffing, risk and reward, chance and of course our silly humour! With 104 cards, players aim to be the first player to put all their silly shapes back into the deck, whilst outlasting the action cards and mini games, all designed to force players picking up more silly shapes cards. With over 3,500 possible silly sentences to create you will laugh and cry playing Silly Shapes!

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