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Nuclear Winter Wonderland. by Best out of five games
Nuclear Winter Wonderland: the RPG, Scavenge and salvage to save Christmas!

Project overview

The world erupted in nuclear fire long ago, now those who remain live in the ramshackle ruins of the world that was. Nowhere escaped this nuclear fire, not even Santa’s workshop. With resources scarce Father Christmas has no choice but to send elf expeditions out into the scorched world to scour the incinerated remains for the resources needed to craft the children’s Christmas toys. For even after an apocalyptic doomsday the magic of Christmas endures…

In a game of Nuclear Winter Wonderland one player takes on the role of Games Master (GM) while the other players all take on the roles of Christmas elves or ‘Santa’s little helpers’. The elves play out a salvage expedition where they make their way through the ruins of the World-that-Was to find enough salvage to take back to the workshop. The elves will however need to use that same salvage to fashion the things they need to keep the horrors of the wastes at bay. It will need to be a careful balancing act of resource management and stockpiling to be successful.    

Nuclear Winter Wonderland: Salvage and Scuffle to save Christmas.