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Assault on Doomrock: Ultimate Edition by BD Games BD Games
Cooperative Board Game of Doooom!

Project story

1 - 4
Play time
60 min
13 +

Assault on Doomrock: Ultimate Edition contains updated v4.0 rules, numerous enhancements and improvements, integrated expansions, and twice the content released previously.

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Stretch goals ( - / - unlocked)


Box content

Modular expansions

Addon Descriptions

Please not that the Premium Game Board may be acquired as a part of 'Roguelike' or ALL-IN' tier levels, even if you were not a follower of the campaign. We will make sure to add it to your pledge during fulfilment, even though it will not be visible as an element of the order.

How to play

Players generate a "Hero" with a unique set of abilities from Class and Trait cards.

The party starts on the Adventure Map. There, you'll make decisions that could change the fate of your entire adventure. Should you touch that gnome catapult? Definitely.

Setting cards change each adventure with special effects and control how much time your party has until a deadly battle occurs.

Spend this time to find, buy, and, erm, "borrow" items and silver. Your party wants to enter the upcoming battle in the best possible shape. And style.
Level up your Hero, improve your dice pool, and build synergies with the rest of your party.

Your time is up. Sharpen your weapons and prepare for battle. You remembered to scout ahead, right?

Battles in Doomrock are challenging, pitting your skills against unique AI-controlled enemies in critically-acclaimed gridless combat.

Heroes roll and assign dice to activate abilities. Rerolls and luck mitigation are possible, but your party will need to collaborate to deal with limits imposed on particular Heroes.

Perform actions and enhance abilities with equipped items. You'll need to cooperate to survive against Doomrock's challenges.

Devious enemy AI seeks to obliterate your Heroes and end your adventure. Each unique encounter presents different tactical challenges your party will need to overcome.

Survive battle and reap the rewards, moving your party ever closer to Doomrock and the boss lurking inside. Prepare for an epic showdown.

Not enough time to complete the 3 Act adventure? Doomrock can easily be saved after battle, ending each session after about an hour.

Explore Doomrock Yourself (Rulebook, TTS Demo)

What's New in Doomrock: Ultimate Edition (4th Edition)







Risks and challenges

BD Games has successfully fulfilled 5 different crowdfunding campaigns. This creator has significant experience and abilities bring you the best possible product as quickly as possible.

Refunds and cancellation

During the crowdfunding campaign you can freely modify or cancel your order. Gamefound only collects your payment at the end of a successfully funded campaign.

After the campaign, if you would like to cancel your order, you can contact our customer support team and request a refund. We offer a 90% refund for 4 weeks after the pledge manager opens up. Additionally, if you are not satisfied with the received product, you can send us the game back within 2 weeks from delivery to receive a similar 90% refund.

If you receive the game and any component is damaged / missing, let us know! Our customer service contact will be happy to send a replacement.

Language Versions

German version is confirmed.  Spieleschmiede will undertake their own crowdfunding campaign some time later. Please note that only the English version can be acquired via this campaign on GF.

To sign up for a Polish crowdfunding campaign go to :
Please note that you need to be logged in to your wspieram.to account in order to sign up for the update/launch notifications.