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Gladiatores: Blood for Roses (KS Edition) by badcatgames badcatgames
Fight deadly blow-for-blow duels using some of the greatest gladiators from history. Lead your gladiator school to fame and glory in this 2-5 player fast-paced card game.

Project overview

Gladiatores: Blood for Roses puts you in control of one of five famous gladiators schools of the classical Roman era. It is the arena season and to win the most fame for your school you must use your influence to bid for some of the most famous gladiators in history. In the arena events that follow, you will use these heroes skillfully in blow-for-blow combat against other player's heroes to earn your school great wealth! Put on a worthy spectacle to excite the roman crowds and gain your school the glory and fame it surely deserves! The player who has gained the most glory wreaths - by cleverly balancing the cost of famous gladiators with the skillful winning of combat events - will become the winner of the game.

Expansion pack

Core Game