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[Late pledge] Standard Edition

[Late pledge] Standard Edition

You'll receive one copy of the standard edition of Shaolia: Warring States, including all unlocked stretch goals.

Product description

Dive into the world of Shaolia with the essence of the game!

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Standard Edition Includes,

  • Territory boards*4
  • Lv.1 card*48
  • Lv2 card*70
  • Locked space card*8
  • Trading board*1
  • Trading post card*9
  • Character card*10
  • Officer*20
  • Culture score tracker*4
  • First player marker*1
  • Plastic mineral*20
  • 1 gold token*25
  • 5 gold token*12
  • Damage counter*30
  • Attack token*15
  • Blockage token*10
  • Life token*15
  • Plastic sparkle dice*10

Stretch goals include,

  • Lv2 card*12
  • Trading post card*2
  • Character card*2
  • Contract token*10
  • Plastic sparkle dice*2



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