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Shaolia: Warring States by Bad Comet Bad Comet
Shaolia is a dueling game filled with deadly strategy, where you’ll grow your kingdom through countless possibilities.

Project overview

Shaolia is a board game filled with deadly strategy, where you'll grow your kingdom with countless possibilities. Dice placement, resource management, and engine building mechanics are all mixed into a unique strategic experience.
It is easy to learn, yet diverse and complex possibilities will emerge as you play more.

Late pledge

  • [Late pledge] Standard Edition
    You'll receive one copy of the standard edition of Shaolia: Warring States, including all unlocked stretch goals.
  • [Late pledge] Deluxe Edition
    This Kickstarter exclusive deluxe edition includes everything in the Standard edition, 'Kickstarter exclusive pack: Mountain people', component upgrades, and all unlocked stretch goals.