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  • Artbook



    "Survivor" art book is a mix of art, pictures and inspiring stories. We have already confirmed a lot of great names that will help us with it.
  • CD with original OST
    A CD with original OST from the digital game.
  • Choose your box art
    Chose on of the two available alternative box cover arts.
  • City map

    City map


    The City Map is a purely collectible item, it does not strictly connected with the game’s mechanics although it serves as a mood enhancer. The map is made in a way that it not only visually transports you into a war torn city but it also has some valuable information and tips about how to stay alive.
  • Custom Character

    Custom Character


    Choosing the Custom Character add-on allows you to create your likeness (or that of any other person) to be used as a playable character in This War Of Mine: The Board Game. You will not only receive a custom miniature with your (or the person’s of your choosing) face but also a character sheet with a set of skills and background to fit your profile.
  • Rubble Die

    Rubble Die


    A totally ASYMMETRICAL die. It has small and large sides and no central center of gravity, it also isn’t perfectly flat, it has bulges and looks like a piece of a rubble or debris with some twisted pipes and damaged home equipment parts sticking out of it, more than a die used for board games. Of course it still has geometry that causes each roll to have a unequivocal, clear result and the die will never stop with no apparent result visible.
  • mini diorama - painted
    A fully painted resin diorama of a civilian expressing his emotions towards the conflicts and the situation he was involved in, against his will.
  • Fabric Bags

    Fabric Bags


    A set of fabric bags to be used to store the game elements (instead of the plastic bags that are already included in the Core Box).
  • Expansion - Incidents
    This expansion comes with 3 additional scenarios for the game, additional cards, tokens and secret rewards for completing scenarios hidden in the envelopes.
  • Expansion - Memories
    “Memories From The Past” focuses heavily on the storytelling aspect of the game. It is a non-systematic way of checking what the chosen Character is thinking - the drawn Character checks how he or she would react to the current situation based on the Character’s background and personality.
  • Cat



    A miniature of cat to be used instead of the generic token that represents encountered characters and pets.
  • Cat - painted

    Cat - painted


    A fully painted miniature of cat to be used instead of the generic token that represents encountered characters and pets.


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