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The Great Wall Reprint by Awaken Realms Awaken Realms
Great Wall is 1-4 player innovative worker placement Board Game with multiple different ways to play it - solo, full co-op or competitive. With great reception from reviewers and gamers in 2021 the game is finally coming back!

Project story

1 - 4
Play time
120 min
14 +
worker placement
Shipping costs: 
Please note that although prices of containers went slightly down, due to a significant increase of costs in hubs, rise in the price of petrol and growing inflation we had to: Increase shipping prices by 2 euro for all pledges and shipping zones.

We are sorry for any inconvenience but we hope that you will understand and that this small increase will not ruin your experience!

Late pledge is also now open, if you’ve missed the campaign!

If you’d like to upgrade your pledge, add or exchange the pledge content, have problems with processing the pledge or are unsure how to proceed, please check the project’s FAQ (https://gamefound.com/projects/awaken-realms/the-great-wall-reprint/faq) – it contain the solutions and help for processing the pledge to checkout. 



Refunds and cancellation

During the crowdfunding campaign you can freely modify or cancel the order. Gamefound only collects your payment at the end of a successfully funded campaign.

After the campaign, if you would like to resign from a part of your pledge or cancel your order, you can contact our customer support team and request a partial refund or cancel order. We offer 91% no-question asked refund (9% goes toward payment processing, Gamefound and administrative fees).

If you receive the game and any component will be damaged / missing, our customer service upon contact will be happy to send replacement.