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Tainted Grail by Awaken Realms Awaken Realms
The biggest Kickstarter of 2018. Explore a dark reimagination of Avalon and live through an unforgettable adventure.
This project does not accept any more orders at this time.
The Red Death
The Red Death

The Red Death

A whole new campaign! Travel to a continent ravaged by Red Death, discover secrets of this plague and face the ultimate enemies in an expert-level challenge designed for experienced and well-equipped characters.

Product description

This expansion ships in Wave 2

The expansion consists of:
·         3 new miniatures: Plaguebeast, Fomorian Sentinel, Danse Macabre
·         120 pages of the Exploration Journal
·         50 small cards
·         32 oversized cards
·         96 standard cards
·         Plastic insert