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Tainted Grail by Awaken Realms Awaken Realms
The biggest Kickstarter of 2018. Explore a dark reimagination of Avalon and live through an unforgettable adventure.
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Monsters of Avalon
Monsters of Avalon
Monsters of Avalon

Monsters of Avalon

Twenty beautiful and unique sculpts including some of the most iconic creatures that you will meet across all three campaigns. These miniatures are used to represent all special Guardian encounters found in the game.

Product description

This expansion ships in Wave 1.

The expansion consists of:
·         20 miniatures (variable scale) 

This expansion replace the monsters tokens from the Core box and stretch goals acts with the miniatures of the creatures you can encounter during your ventures. Getting the Monsters of Avalon is not essential for gameplay, but adds a huge amount of immersion in the game with the addition of the models.