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Shade Slayers
Shade Slayers
Shade Slayers are an additional Invader faction for solo and co-op game. Do not add if you are a 24h backer (we will add it manually), unless you want it twice.


Product description

This expansion includes:
24 AI cards

Everyone below backer number 3408 will have this expansion for free.
Addons and expansions will be given by separate shipping.

If you are a 24h backer (backer number below 3408), you don't need to add this item to your cart.
It will be manually added to your package before shipping, and it will not be visable in your cart/order.

If you are a 24h backer this item will be added to each of the core games in your order.

If you're not sure how to check your backer number, or have any other questions about this product, let us know!
More info
What makes Shade Slayers unique as a faction is the unit with attributes at the back of their cards. Each time a card is played, Shade Slayer awakens and turns into a lethal spectre. To play against an AI, players create a deck from two different Invader factions. That means Shade Slayers may attack with the assistance of Goblins in one game, and and be supported by Undead Realm in another. 


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