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Pvp Supplement Box

Pvp Supplement Box


Adds extra card copies to use for deckbuilding (Seraphia, Styxia, Khung'lai, Yrsa, Gunslingers, Frost Giants).

This expansion includes approximately:
  • 27 Seraphia cards
  • 25 Styxia cards
  • 23 Yrsa cards
  • 25 Khung'lai cards
  • 19 Frost Giants cards
  • 25 Gunslingers cards
A total of about 150 cards.

Addons and expansions will be given by separate shipping.
In SiegeStorm, each deck consists of 20-25 unique cards. Player decks have been preconstructed in a way that allows for additional personalization.
Still, for those players who want to build their decks using more copies of each card, we created  this expansion. 
You will get additional copies of cards, to have:
-2 copies of every Elite/Champion card
-4 copies of every Solider/Veteran card
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