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All-in! (Gameplay)
All-in! (Gameplay)
All-in! (Gameplay)
All-in! (Gameplay)
All-in! (Gameplay)
All-in! (Gameplay)
All-in! (Gameplay)
All-in! (Gameplay)

All-in! (Gameplay)


This level of pledge unlockes all gameplay content! You get the core box, all unlocked stretch goals and all gameplay content!

Scroll down to see the content of the pledge!

This pledge contains:
-Legendary Pledge
-Wild Fairies
-Frost Giants
-PvP Supplement Box

Siege Storm All in pledge includes the core box, all unlocked stretch goals, PvP Supplement box, Frost Giants Player Faction and Wild Fairies AI faction

Core box:
  • 54 card Ysra deck
  • 54 card Khung'lai deck
  • 24 card Evil Goblins deck
  • 24 card Spectral Shamans deck
  • 2 cartboard Reinforcement tracks
  • 1 boss board
  • 1 siege meter
  • 50 tokens

Unlocked Stretch Goals
  • PvP Boost expansion (including additional 6 cards for Ysra, Khung'lai, Seraphia and Styxia)
  • Plastic insert with separators
  • Undead Realm - AI faction with 24 base cards
  • Additional faction! - Gunslinger with unique 54 new cards
  • 2 additional Reinforcement tracks with rules for 3 and 4 player game

New Additional Factions:
  • 54 card Seraphia deck (player)
  • 54 card Styxia deck (player)
  • 54 cards Frost Giants deck
  • 24 cards Wild Fairies deck

PvP Supplement!
  • extra copies for deckbuilding (over 150 cards!)

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