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SiegeStorm: Siege Mode is totally new, fast and dynamic card experience. It is mostly 2 player competitive game, but it also have a great solo and co-op modes!

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  • Succubus



    Succubus Miniature
  • Shade Slayers

    Shade Slayers


    Shade Slayers are an additional Invader faction for solo and co-op game. Do not add if you are a 24h backer (we will add it manually), unless you want it twice.
  • Pvp Supplement Box
    Adds extra card copies to use for deckbuilding (Seraphia, Styxia, Khung'lai, Yrsa, Gunslingers, Frost Giants).
  • Wild Fairies

    Wild Fairies


    Wild Fairies are an additional Invader faction for solo or co-op game.
  • Frost Giants

    Frost Giants


    Frost Giants is a new player faction.
  • Sleeves



    A pack of Paladin sleeves, containing 55 durable, highest quality card protectors.


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