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This project does not accept any more orders at this time.

Project overview

SiegeStorm: Siege Mode is totally new, fast and dynamic card experience. It is mostly 2 player competitive game, but it also have a great solo and co-op modes! New box will be big enough to storage cards from all expansions in one place!


  • Core box

    Core box

    This level of pledge gets you the Siege Storm core box, all unlocked stretch goals.


Add-ons that will make your life a little better :)
  • Art Book

    Art Book

    Art book is a collection of art and design used in the game.


Expansions will all new cards and decks!
  • Shade Slayers

    Shade Slayers

    Shade Slayers are an additional Invader faction for solo and co-op game. Do not add if you are a 24h backer (we will add it manually), unless you want it twice.
  • Wild Fairies

    Wild Fairies

    Wild Fairies are an additional Invader faction for solo or co-op game.
  • Frost Giants

    Frost Giants

    Frost Giants is a new player faction.


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